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They don't really address my problem.

I will be in Montreal for 4 months. I'm looking for a SIM card. Most of the plans I saw are with commitment of at least one year or so. The most important part of the plan is data (for Skype calls and apps for messaging). 3 to 5 GB/month would be perfect.

What are the best options I have?

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Canada only has a few carriers. The big players are Bell, Rogers and Telus. Their three low cost subsidiaries are Koodo, Fido and Virgin. Freedom Mobile is the newcomer.

All of the 'low cost' providers have prepaid plans with no fixed contract. Google the provider name and "prepaid" to find their offerings. 3-5Gb is a lot of data and you may end up paying a substantial amount.

  • Rogers has yet another one too, Chatr Mobile. And Vidéotron is a separate possibility in Montreal. – Dennis Sep 12 '17 at 23:56
  • using the site Similicious.com, you can get a SIM card for a low rate. They'll send an appropriate SIM card to you (for your area, phone, etc) – Matthew Barclay Mar 7 '18 at 1:33