Assume Mathew's earnings per year are more than 30,000 euros. He pays now for lounges: about 30 euros for one visit. So he pays now about 500 euros every year for lounges. He needs to travel only between Tallinn, Oslo and Helsinki.

Are there any cheaper methods to stay in lounges like by some bonus programs or Credit cards?

I am now thinking about a Diners Club International credit card, but I am not sure whether it is the best solution for my situation.

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    I found out about the PriorityPass recently in a post: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/10048/… and aren't there lounges of the same airline company (SAS by any chance) in these three airports? I'll try to find more materials for a longer answer when I have time. – Vince Oct 17 '12 at 12:49

One option is to use a PriorityPass which has 2 matching options: 250 euros every year for 10 free lounge accesses and then 24 euros each, or unlimited access for 400 euros every year. They offer lounges in Helsinki and Talinn, with some conditions on the time of the day or destination. But there is no lounge in Oslo!

So another option is, like @Andrew said, to become a frequent traveller on a specific airline. Scandinavian Airlines has lounges in Oslo and Helsinki and has partnership with IcelandAir, Estonian Air and Air Baltic when buying a business class ticket on these airlines (and they're member of Star Alliance). Talinn Estonian Air lounge is accessible to EuroBonus Gold card holders (SAS frequent flyer program) so I suppose this program would be a good choice. I don't know how much you need to fly get this status though (it sounds like a lot of points but maybe it's easy to get them)

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    Alternately, some high end bank accounts and credit cards give away free PriorityPass cards, so you could get it that way – Gagravarr Oct 17 '12 at 21:21

There is some duplication with the techniques mentioned in this question. However, if Matthew is travelling a lot in that area, chances are he travels with the same airline a lot. So probably his best option is to make sure he always travels with the same airline or alliance and uses their frequent-flyer programme. Sooner or later he'll get upgraded to an elite level and start getting lounge entry for free (as well as other benefits such as faster check-in, security, and other good stuff).

It's probably best for him to pick an airline/alliance based in his hometown, assuming that's where he always flies from/to.

One good option (not the only one) in that area might be Finnair (part of the Oneworld alliance), who have their hub in Helsinki.

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