I live in Nepal. I will be 16 this December but I need to travel to India in September. I will get my citizenship only when I am 16. I neither have passport or voter card. I will be travelling alone. Can I travel? What are the documents required?

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    Jonathan, Your flag is invalid. Here a Nepalese citizen is travelling to India who does not have a passport issued by Nepal Govt. Both are entirely different things, Your mark does not taste good! – nitinr708 Aug 31 '17 at 16:50

Nepal and Bhutan nationals if entering India by land or air from the Nepal or Bhutan border respectively do not require a passport for entering into India. However, they are required to possess, authorized identity proof. Further if they are entering India from a place other than their own country then possession of passport is a must.

No you do not require to have either a passport or a visa to enter India. For more info read here

Hope it helps!

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