I'm visiting Hong Kong, and I have AMEX. Is it well-covered or should I prepare Visa/MasterCard?

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    Same as any other major city. If you are staying in an international hotel, shopping at chain stores, and eating in up-market restaurants, you will have no problem with Amex only. Venture out of the city a little bit and you will find more difficulty. Out in the back streets some places are cash only. I think it's wise to bring a different card with you. – Calchas Aug 29 '17 at 9:25
  • While you will be able to use AMEX frequently, you will still need cash and then V/MC if you really prefer to use a card. Note, many places will also let you pay with an Oyster card. – Johns-305 Aug 29 '17 at 18:26

Amex is well accepted in HK. There are some places that don't take it, but they're not that frequent, and usually mom and pop stores. Having a little cash (or an Octopus card with a few hundred HKD on it) will help, if you only have Amex.

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    I knew three people in Hong Kong who I noticed had the black Amex card. I've never seen one anywhere else. – Dennis Aug 30 '17 at 7:06

I would suggest you to prepare Visa / MasterCard as well.

From my general perception, AMEX is accepted in bigger merchants only.

Visa / MasterCard is well accepted around the city, including almost all restaurants & shops in malls.

Also, it is also good to know that Octopus card is also well accepted for smaller amount transactions, including transportation, convenient stores, supermarkets, etc.

Finally, some smaller merchants accept cash only.


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