I'm planning a one week vacation in Germany and have the new format Ukrainian biometric passport. I understand that Ukrainian nationals with the biometric passport no longer require a visa to enter Schengen states for vacation / holiday purposes. Can anybody confirm if this is correct and I need any other documentation for border control, such as letter of invitation, proof of accommodation, etc.?


Yes, that's correct. You can check that with the official announcement and Wikipedia (which also provides link to a database airlines use to deal with these kinds of things).

In principle, the requirements for visa-free visits are almost the same than for visa holders (with one major exception: travel health insurance is not required if you don't need a visa). In practice, border guards seldom spend more than a minute interviewing travellers and do not check any of this in detail. But they can legally deny entry if they are not satisfied that you have a valid purpose, sufficient financial means, etc. and all the documents you would use to establish that when applying for a visa could be useful if you are challenged at the border.

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