I am planning for an Everest Base Camp trek this October, and have researched on the costs of going with a tour operator which ranges anywhere between $1000 to $5000+ for anywhere between 10-20 days.

However, I have no idea of the costs if I do a solo trek or solo with a guide/porter. Assuming that I can plan all by myself, what would be the costs for the stay, food, other expenses. Would the saving be substantial? Has anyone had a first-hand experience of this?

I am comparing with these tour offerings, for example:- https://www.bookmundi.com/kathmandu/everest-base-camp-trek-3841 https://www.nepalhikingteam.com/package/everest-base-camp-trek/

I would be flying from Los Angeles.

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    If you need to ask, then the "I can plan all by myself" assumption is manifestly not true ... – Henning Makholm Aug 13 '17 at 1:01
  • Please explain what you mean by that. If I have to travel solo I have to plan myself I believe. – oneworld Aug 13 '17 at 1:12
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    As mentioned in a previous similar question, if you are solo trekking who is going to watch you for symptoms of altitude sickness and then effect a rescue? But health concerns aside, $1300 for a 15 day trek using indoor accommodations, meals, guides, porters, etc is a pretty good value. Doing it yourself will not trim that much off. – user13044 Aug 13 '17 at 2:29

EBC is one of the treks that you can do without an agency.

The minimal cost would look something like this:

  • Food and lodging: very minimum of $20/day if you live very frugally. The double will be more realistic if you don't like feeling hungry or would like to drink something else than water from streams. Lodging is very cheap if you eat in the lodge. But prices for meals are high.
  • Permits :TIMS and park fee makes about $50.
  • Transportation: flights to and from Lukla are about $160. I think it was $158 this April. But it will be that order of magnitude. That is one way. Prices are fixed by the government so noneed to look for special deals.

That will more or less be your minimum expenses. You can educe that by hiking from Jiri instead of flying to Lukla. If you take that option, you save the cost of the flight, but have to add the cost of an extra permit at about $20 and add about 4 days of hikng each way.

Butask yourself if the extra hassle of arranging everything yourself is worth it for you.

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