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When travel from Ukraine to US with a B-2 visa, does one need tickets for a round-trip?

My mother-in-law finally got her B-2 visa (she already has a valid Ukrainian passport) and I've purchased her a one-way ticket from Kyiv to JFK New York. The plan is that my wife and she will travel back to Ukraine in the future, but we're not sure when.

The problem is that my wife and my mother-in-law have heard that they will be turned back either in Kyiv because she doesn't have a ticket back to Ukraine or turned back at the US passport control for the same reason. I've spoken to my immigration lawyer and he said that the second ticket is -- in the eyes of US immigration law -- not necessary so long as she doesn't overstay her visa. But, honestly, this has not calmed them down.

This is my question, what are the chances that my mother-in-law will be turned back in either Kyiv or JFK (like I said, she already has a valid Ukrainian passport and a B-2 visa) despite not having a ticket going back to Ukraine?