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Are trainstrain tickets in Hungary cheaper if bought in advance?

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Are trains in Hungary cheaper if bought in advance?

I will be travelling from London to Debrecen via Budapest next Sunday and I would like to know whether it's best to book my Budapest-Debrecen train in advance or directly in the station.

My flight lands at about 3pm and I need to be in Debrecen at some point in the evening. I would like to have the flexibility to go to Budapest and walk around / have a meal, and then take the train from the city, but if it will cause me a load of pain or expense then I might simply book online a train from the airport.

Will the trains be more expensive if I just rock up to the station a half hour before the train? Are they likely to be booked out? (From what I can tell MÁV still has tickets even for tomorrow, but I can't quite puzzle out the colour code on the timetables.) More generally, is there anything specific I should watch out for?