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Aug 11 '14 at 7:30 comment added Jimmy Yes, I felt it was weird that I didn't get both boarding passes the first time. (At the time I was going MEA - United, now its United - MEA. MEA didn't give me the United boarding pass, I had to get that one from United's desk at LHR from the departing terminal.) I don't know if this time United will give me both boarding passes, though, but it's the same ticket as before, so I'm just assuming the same thing will happen and I'll have to pick up the MEA boarding pass from the departing terminal in LHR.
Aug 11 '14 at 7:19 comment added imoatama WaiWai's answer is correct then - you are checked in for all flights when you first check your luggage, if you don't receive an onwards boarding pass then (and there's no reason why you shouldn't) then you will be able to get one at the transit desk air-side in LHR upon landing, and don't need to worry about the check-in deadline.
Aug 11 '14 at 7:10 comment added Jimmy @imoatama They're the same PNR (assuming the PNR is the same as booking ref. - which is also 6 digit/letters). However, I won't be issued a boarding pass when I first check in, I'll have to get it in LHR. This is what happened to me on the first trip (same airlines as now - I checked in for the first flight, got my first boarding pass, and was told to get the second in LHR - even though they're on the same ticket. I did not have to go out to get my baggage then go back in).
Aug 11 '14 at 5:46 comment added imoatama Are both flights on the same PNR? (That's the 6 digit letter/number code) If it's all ticketed on the same reservation you will be issued with a boarding pass for your second flight when you first check-in, or failing that there'll be a place to get a boarding pass whilst transiting in LHR, without having to go out and come back in via an airline counter.
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