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Am I just considered a tourist, and am I able to leave and return to the UK while on that free tourism visa?

I'm a young (20) Canadian visiting the UK, and staying with a family free of charge in exchange for babysitting their children for about three hours a day. They provide me with pocket money, but no formal wage, which I will use (along with some savings) to explore the country. I plan to base myself in London, with a decent bit of weekend travels to other countries. I have a flight there booked for September, and a return flight booked for December. I then will return in January, and leave the UK for good at the end of February. Do any of you foresee any problems with my arrangement? I live in Winnipeg, and the long term visa requirements must be fulfilled in Toronto, so it would be quite unrealistic for me to spend $1,000 on a round-trip flight to Toronto simply for them to scan my fingerprints.