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Top new questions this week:

How easy is it to get in and out of Russia by illegally crossing its border?

I'm unsure whether my question is on-topic here, but it's about travel and border crossing, so I've decided to try. I'm writing an article about Russian borders, focusing on illegal crossings in both ...

russia borders estonia latvia  
asked by Mitsuko 35 votes
answered by Tor-Einar Jarnbjo 45 votes

What exactly was/is the difference between "Disney World" and "Disneyland"?

You'd think this would be "easy to look up", but... no. And what's with the inconsistent naming? Why isn't it "Disney Land" or "Disneyworld"? I've numerous times ...

usa europe disney  
asked by Isaiaha 24 votes
answered by Peter Green 52 votes

When is the address indicated on a passport being used?

My French passport indicates my physical address. What's the point of it? I.e., when is the address indicated on a passport being used? (image source, sorry I couldn't find any specimen with a higher ...

passports french-citizens  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 13 votes
answered by lambshaanxy 13 votes

What do I need to know to make my connecting flight? First time with a layover

Airline websites seem to assume I've done this before. My extremely limited experience with flying has been direct flights. Arrive, check-in at the kiosk(s) outside the terminal. Take bags to airline ...

air-travel layovers den  
asked by kohnai 11 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 18 votes

Would an American who lives in Japan be allowed into the Schengen Zone for non-essential travel?

According to the most recent list from the EU here, Third countries whose residents should not be affected by temporary external borders restriction on non-essential travel into the EU includes Japan. ...

schengen international-travel japan borders covid-19  
asked by midblue 9 votes
answered by Franck Dernoncourt 5 votes

Does the 14 day self-isolation period in the UK end if a travel-corridor starts during the 14-day self-isolation period?

From 8th June there's been a mandatory 14 day self-isolation period for people entering the UK. From 10th July, travellers from some countries are exempted from the self-isolation via a ...

uk covid-19 quarantine  
asked by Ben 8 votes
answered by Daniil 3 votes

There are no open seats available for selected center - The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi

When I am trying to book an appointment on VFS global, I am getting the following message, "There are no open seats available for the selected center - The Embassy of the Federal Republic of ...

visas germany india covid-19 vfs-global  
asked by yogi693 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can a person in the USA fly with an expired driving license?

The company I work for has asked me to attend a training class on the other side of the country. However my situation is my drivers license expired a few days ago. I do however have a separate ...

air-travel usa paperwork  
asked by user100487 13 votes
answered by Lemuel Gulliver 24 votes

How to redeem an American Airlines voucher?

Recently I traveled with American Airlines. I had a bad experience as I felt they were terribly outdated, so I complained with their customer service, who, ironically, gave me a paper voucher that I ...

american-airlines vouchers  
asked by Magnetic_dud 11 votes
answered by Magnetic_dud 12 votes

How much cash can you carry on a flight within the European Union?

Is there any specific limit of money you can carry on cash while flying from one European Union country to another?

air-travel europe money international-travel  
asked by fedorqui 23 votes
answered by drat 24 votes

Must a husband and wife make separate online applications for a UK Standard Visitor visa, and so attend separate appointments for biometrics?

My wife and I are both applying for a UK Standard Visitor visa. Do we need to fill the visa application form at visa4uk separately? That would mean we will have to go for biometric appointments ...

standard-visitor-visas family  
asked by Jitesh 13 votes
answered by Gayot Fow 18 votes

When applying for an Indian Passport, how do I know if I'm in the ECR or non-ECR category?

I'm applying for a fresh Passport from India but I don't know what "ECR" & "NON-ECR" mean: "Is applicant eligible for Non-ECR category?" [Yes] [No] I've already Graduated from ...

visas passports indian-citizens terminology ecr  
asked by Shalom 13 votes
answered by Saagar Elias Jacky 11 votes

Is this illegal to watch pornographic videos through the internet in UAE?

After seeing a news in gulf news I'm asking all of you if you have any suggestions or experience then please share it. A my friend was saying about this there for want to know in detail. To watch ...

asked by Mirchu 2 votes
answered by Doc 7 votes

How to change the passenger name on an Indian Railways ticket?

I have booked a ticket on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) for me and my brother but now even my sister is willing to travel but we are not getting tickets for her. So my ...

trains tickets india irctc  
asked by Santosh 15 votes
answered by Vivek 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can I purchase Seychelles island currecy in Malaysia?

Where do I purchase online, Maldives, Mauritius, and Seychelles currencies to sell to them before they arrive at those destinations? Do those islands embassies in Malaysia sell the currencies?

air-travel money exchange  
asked by KuppanMunian 1 vote

Collecting euro coins of European microstates

I just got into EURO coins collecting again. The normal coins are pretty easy to get in normal life. But there are 4 European microstates (Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City) where there are no ...

money vatican-city monaco andorra san-marino  
asked by ippon 2 votes

UK Public Health Passenger Locator Form: Privacy and Data Retention Period

How long is any information supplied through the UK Public Health Passenger Locator Form kept for, when some EU citizen travels from the EU to England by plane, as of now (or 12 July 2020: it doesn't ...

uk customs-and-immigration borders covid-19 privacy  
asked by user112306 3 votes
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