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Top new questions this week:

Where (in Germany) is the landscape behind this newsreader, with a gazebo on a small, lush steep hill surrounded by higher, broader forested hills?

When the German tagesschau evening news on the public broadcaster Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD) announce the upcoming weather ...

germany identify-this photography  
asked by gerrit 25 votes
answered by tohuwawohu 56 votes

In-Transit Waiting Area in USA Airports?

I'm interested in finding out a little history on how International Transit has worked historically in the US. I know that the current situation is that transit is not permitted and all passengers ...

usa customs-and-immigration transit history airport-terminals  
asked by Josh Davey 23 votes
answered by jcaron 37 votes

Can I get through a ticket barrier if I didn’t put my ticket through at the start of the journey?

So the journey I take to work (southeastern) the ticket barriers are always open in the morning. I usually still put my ticket through the machine regardless as I am scared that if I just walk through ...

uk trains tickets regulations tfl  
asked by Louise 10 votes
answered by Joe Malt 23 votes

Travel to USA with not-registered-citizen infant born to US citizen father

Facts: Father is dual citizen of USA and country A Mother is citizen of country A Father and mother are not married Infant child was born in country A and has been issued passport for country A ...

visas usa customs-and-immigration  
asked by Country A 9 votes
answered by Gerard Ashton 13 votes

Is the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine accepted for traveling in Schengen?

I am traveling to Schengen countries] for Christmas and New Year, from Pakistan. I am vaccinated with two doses of Sinovac. Is it accepted by Schengen countries, like Spain, Italy, Germany, France and ...

customs-and-immigration covid-19 vaccinations  
asked by Mohsan Zahid 9 votes
answered by Doc 8 votes

Is this BA flight leaving from LHR or LGW?

Update: BA have told us that BA2752 is cancelled, a few other flights are also cancelled but BA are letting you rebook on any other flight that day for free. I received my travel confirmation from BA ...

asked by Sam Dean 8 votes
answered by Gray Taylor 23 votes

Is Saudia New York City-New Delhi flight ok?

I have to fly from NYC-New Delhi for emergency and Saudia airlines has a flight that's $1k one way compared to $2-8K on united, american airlines, emirates. It stops in Jeddah then onward transfer to ...

transit india new-york-city saudi-arabia new-delhi  
asked by ksdfjskdfj 7 votes
answered by Joe Malt 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

My name causes an issue with any booking! (names end with MR and MRS)

My name is Amr Eladawy. Whenever I get a ticket through an agent and they put my first name as Amr, it lands as A only in the Airlines system. That happened with many airlines and different agents. ...

bookings airlines  
asked by Amr ElAdawy 279 votes
answered by Matthieu M. 257 votes

How long before expiration can you renew a US Passport?

My US passport expires in just over a year but I've only got one empty page left in it and I've already had extra pages added once. I'm going to be in the US for a short while and am considering ...

usa legal passports  
asked by johndbritton 6 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 4 votes

How to intentionally get denied entry to the US, without getting into trouble?

I have a multiple entry visitors visa for five years. I went to USA last year and lived there for one year with my husband (6 months entry and other 6 months of extension). I left USA legally. Now my ...

usa customs-and-immigration b1-b2-visas denial-of-entry removal  
asked by user11743 241 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 123 votes

What exactly does "nights" means when you book? Is it number of night you are going to sleep, or simply days you are going to stay?

For example, suppose that I'm going to travel London and will arrive at 10am, 1st December. And will stay a week, means will leave 10am, 8th December. Technically it's 7 nights, but also 8 days. ...

bookings terminology  
asked by Booking Ambiguous 21 votes
answered by JoErNanO 21 votes

How to visit Lake Hillier?

Is it possible to visit Lake Hillier? Do I have to go with tour or can I for example rent a car and go there? I see no roads near it.

australia lakes  
asked by Nean Der Thal 19 votes
answered by jsj 10 votes

I have no identification to get on the bus, how does that work?

I have no identification, but I do have a face sheet from a treatment center with my face and information on it. I also have my California foodstamp card with my name and my debit card with my name. ...

tickets buses identity-cards greyhound  
asked by jordan m weiss 5 votes
answered by Sue Saddest Farewell TGO GL 7 votes

Is food free in Duronto sleeper?

Is food free when traveling in Duronto sleeper class? I know that in 3rd tier, 2nd tier and 1st tier, food is free. But in Sealdah Puri Duronto, Howrah Delhi Duronto, is food free of cost? Is food ...

trains india food-and-drink indian-railways irctc  
asked by Aneek 18 votes
answered by Neels 15 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How can a France-Philippines couple visit each other?

My girlfriend lives in Philippines, I am from France. Right now, because of covid19, I can't find a way for me to go there or a way for her to come to me. I even tried to see if Spain was a ...

france covid-19 philippines  
asked by iXô 5 votes

Transfer from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 in Rome Fiumicino

I am flying from London to Palermo and transferring in Rome Fiumincino. The ticket is for a both flights with the same airline - there is no hold luggage. Will I be able to use the duty free shops in ...

schengen transit  
asked by Lost1 2 votes

Options when US Passport is stuck in renewal

The US state department currently quotes US passport renewal times as 5-7 weeks. I have no upcoming travel booked so this may be a good opportunity to get this over with. However, there is a non-...

usa passport-renewals  
asked by Hilmar 2 votes
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