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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to have higher compensation for lost hand luggage checked at the gate?

The maximum compensation for lost luggage in Europe is 1,300 EUR. I think that's also similar to the Montreal convention covering other flights. I will need to travel with two laptops and I can't fit ...

user avatar asked by André Score of 10
user avatar answered by Hilmar Score of 24

Why are currency exchange rates so different in Egypt?

I’m in Alexandria. Google shows the exchange rate of EUR to EGP at 1 to 33. I get the same rate when I use my credit card. But when I exchange euros at different places in the streets, in the shops I ...

money exchange egypt  
user avatar asked by gdrt Score of 9
user avatar answered by Zach Lipton Score of 22

What function does the chip in a Deutschlandticket have?

The Deutschlandticket now exists in a version with an integrated chip. What function does this chip actually have?

germany public-transport deutschlandticket  
user avatar asked by Martin Peters Score of 8
user avatar answered by Inconspicuous seagull Score of 8

How much cash do I need to enter Singapore?

I read on Short-Term travellers should have sufficient cash and proof of onward travel (tickets, visas), and ensure that you do not stay beyond your visit pass validity. How ...

customs-and-immigration money proof-provenance-of-funds singapore french-citizens  
user avatar asked by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 7
user avatar answered by dda Score of 16

Filter Airbnb rooms for Eiffel tower view

I am looking for a room with Eiffel tower view. I can't seem to find any relevant filter (which I understand is too specific, but on the other hand too iconic to ignore). Any ideas how to approach ...

france accommodation paris airbnb local-knowledge  
user avatar asked by gsamaras Score of 7
user avatar answered by Relaxed Score of 10

Why was my visa identified by the airline as invalid?

This is a curious case. My tourist visa was issued at the embassy of the Philippines in Tehran, Iran. My visa was valid until November 29, 2023. That means that I was allowed to enter the Philippines ...

visas philippines turkish-airlines  
user avatar asked by Sasan Score of 7

How long should I stay in Ireland when granted entry without a visa and my passport stamped “Visa Warning Given”?

I honestly did not know that I required a visa to visit Ireland. I have a UK visa and a Biometric Resident Permit. I was asked a few questions by the immigration officer and was granted entry but my ...

transit-visas ireland  
user avatar asked by Alice Score of 6
user avatar answered by Elwyn Soutter Score of 13

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Two sets of 9-digit numbers on back of Global Entry card

There are two 9-digit numbers on the back of the Global Entry card. The one on the upper left corner is the Known Traveler Number or PASSID. But on the upper right hand corner there is another 9-digit ...

user avatar asked by Robert Harrison Score of 4
user avatar answered by Aganju Score of 14

What should I do after buying an airline ticket?

After I buy a ticket online for an airline, should I go to the airport and register it or is it enough to go to the airport at the date of flight and not to do anything? How can I pass the gates to ...

air-travel tickets  
user avatar asked by MOON Score of 53
user avatar answered by Relaxed Score of 41

How to retrieve the DS-160 application number after closing the browser window?

Due to time out, my application exited without completion. I failed in retrieving the application because my surname is only 4 letters. Since I already made the payment with the ID no. of the ...

visas usa applications  
user avatar asked by user62488 Score of 11

Where is the passport book number and what is the difference from the passport number?

For the US department of state visa application, there is a question about the passport book number, which is apparently different than the passport number. What is that referring to? The explanation ...

visas usa passports terminology  
user avatar asked by Suragch Score of 18
user avatar answered by Burhan Khalid Score of 11

Can I use Google Maps traffic information to estimate driving time for a specific date/time?

In supported regions, Google Maps will tell me how long it will take to drive from A to B in current traffic conditions. It can also colour-code roads according to traffic conditions for a specific ...

planning maps traffic  
user avatar asked by gerrit Score of 38
user avatar answered by Chris Mueller Score of 27

What should I do with my expired passport?

I recently renewed my passport, and have a shiny new one. When renewing, I sent in the old one as proof of citizenship/identity, but was surprised that, along with my new passport, the old one was ...

user avatar asked by LessPop_MoreFizz Score of 38
user avatar answered by Doc Score of 39

Are my US dollar bank notes still valid and for how long will they be?

I have some US Dollar Federal Reserve notes: Some 12 Federal Reserve Notes 100 Dollar Notes Series 2006 A Some 40 Federal Reserve Notes 100 Dollar Notes Series 2009 A Please ...

usa money  
user avatar asked by Thomas Larsen Score of 6
user avatar answered by Cody Score of 10

Can you answer these questions?

Is there a procedure for wearing commercial airplane's oxygen mask when you have a tracheotomy?

If I remember correctly, commercial airplanes are designed to release oxygen masks if the oxygen level drops too low, or if the cabin is too depressurised while in high altitude, and the chemical ...

air-travel airlines protocol  
user avatar asked by Clockwork Score of 3

UAE tourism visa photos mixed up

My sister and I applied for a 30-day tourism visa for UAE. When we finally got the visas, our photos were mixed up (my photo is on my sister's visa and my sister's photo is on mine). All other ...

visas paperwork uae  
user avatar asked by Mina Adil Ibrahim Score of 1

Historical Data on Rail Fares (Ticket Prices)

I found this historical table of ticket prices per kilometer for the German Federal Railways: It even goes so far as to distinguish between "short-haul" ...

trains tickets history high-speed-rail statistics  
user avatar asked by Wasserwaage Score of 4
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