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Top new questions this week:

Connecting flights - How does ticket and boarding work?

So I have a multi leg journey: Colombo to Dubai, Dubai to Brazil, Brazil to Panama, Panama to Nassau. I will book the single ticket on Emirates website. On the day of flying, do I go to the Colombo ...

air-travel airports bookings  
asked by zwdev2 14 votes
answered by Hilmar 30 votes

Shipping vehicle from US to Europe

My girlfriend and I are planning an overlanding trip through Europe via car. We are trying to find cheap but easy and safe options to ship my car to Europe and back to the US at the end of our 90 day ...

europe automobiles portugal overland shipping  
asked by sviva 12 votes
answered by Pekka 22 votes

16 Hour Marine Atlantic Ferry Trip with no Cabin

Marine Atlantic operates 16 hour overnight ferry trips from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Argentia, Newfoundland on the MV Atlantic Vision. As I understand it, you can bring a car, but you cannot ...

canada ferries sleeping nova-scotia newfoundland  
asked by Bunji 7 votes
answered by Chris H 2 votes

Where can one print a document at San Francisco airport (SFO)?

The document is a PDF on my Google Drive. I have to print it at the airport because some paperwork officials want a hard copy, and I may not get the document prior to my arrival at the airport.

paperwork sfo  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 4 votes
answered by dunni 7 votes

What does Ecuador require to be shown on a COVID-19 PCR test in order to enter the country?

I am scheduled to fly to Ecuador (Guayaquil) in a few months from the US. Ecuador currently requires a negative COVID-19 PCR test from no more than 10 days before entry in order go avoid quarantine. I ...

air-travel covid-19 ecuador  
asked by Austin 4 votes
answered by Alejandro Vignoni 2 votes

Visa extension due to covid pending - am I legally okay until I hear back from UCIS?

I filed and paid for extension of Visa with I-539 form before my original visa expired on May 6th 2020. I have not heard back from UCIS, should I worry? I dont want to travel while tests and vaccines ...

visas usa  
asked by Xanta 4 votes
answered by user102008 4 votes

Counting days before/after traveling for COVID purposes

How do I count the days to figure out when I should take a COVID test, as it relates to travel? I left the airport around noon on Monday, which was my last contact with the public. I don't have any ...

covid-19 quarantine  
asked by user3067860 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Two sets of 9-digit numbers on back of Global Entry card

There are two 9-digit numbers on the back of the Global Entry card. The one on the upper left corner is the Known Traveler Number or PASSID. But on the upper right hand corner there is another 9-digit ...

asked by Robert Harrison 2 votes

Where is the passport book number and what is the difference from the passport number?

For the US department of state visa application, there is a question about the passport book number, which is apparently different than the passport number. What is that referring to? The explanation ...

visas usa passports terminology  
asked by Suragch 17 votes
answered by Burhan Khalid 11 votes

I renewed my passport and my visa is on my old passport. Will this create problems with Immigration?

My old passport has a 2-year validity visa for DR Congo expiring on 04.06.2016. It has only two blank pages remaining, so my boss told me to obtain a new passport, which I did. Presently I am on ...

customs-and-immigration passports passport-renewals democratic-republic-congo  
asked by vijay sinh Vaghela 7 votes
answered by PSC775 9 votes

How big is "too big" for an airline seat? At what point will you be required to buy two tickets?

As I said in another question, I'm bringing my parents to visit me here in Sweden next year. My mother is around 280-300 pounds and 5'6" (130-135kg, 1.67m). I am concerned that she might be asked at ...

air-travel airlines regulations seating british-airways  
asked by victoriah 80 votes
answered by Ankur Banerjee 52 votes

E-Ticket vs Itinerary vs Booking Reference

What are the differences between these three? Why do they send you three different identifying codes?

air-travel tickets bookings  
asked by Jack 28 votes
answered by Burhan Khalid 8 votes

Why did airport security swab my hands with wet paper?

Before entering a commercial plane, I had to go through the usual security check at Prague airport (PRG). When I passed the metal detector, it went off. I assume it was because I forgot to take off my ...

air-travel schengen airport-security security  
asked by Pavel Janicek 50 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 47 votes

Do I not need to supply passport details when booking through websites?

I've booked international air tickets from a variety of sources and I've always needed to supply passport details, e.g. airline websites, travel agents. However I've just booked a flight with Expedia ...

online-resources passports international-travel  
asked by dlanod 10 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Are restaurants, clubs and attractions open in Kyiv these days?

During the 10-20 of March, 2021, are restaurants, clubs and other attractions supposed to be open without significant restrictions?

covid-19 kiev  
asked by Mark Segal 2 votes

Working for US client as a UK company director in the US

Context I am the director of a UK company. My company has a contract to provide software engineering services to a US company. I am also the worker providing those services. I plan on taking a trip to ...

b1-b2-visas business-travel work conferences  
asked by laroi 1 vote

Can I enter the UK before my student visa as a Canadian citizen?

I am a Canadian citizen. I've been living with my English partner for the last two years in Canada and I have officially been accepted to an English University for a 1 year masters degree starting ...

uk canada study student-visas  
asked by brown_squirrel 1 vote
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