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Top new questions this week:

Friends girlfriend's parents preventing her from returning to UK from the UAE (Abu-Dhabi)

Background: A friend's long term girlfriend (4+ years) studied in this country and has since worked a couple of jobs. She is a German/UAE dual national. I was apparently mistaken about her being a ...

uk germany safety uae abu-dhabi  
user avatar asked by Jason Score of 32
user avatar answered by Hilmar Score of 82

What real castle would be least expensive to visit from New Zealand?

I'm going through the rules for board game called Burg Appenzell, and it says: The player who was the last to visit a real castle goes first. None of us have been in a real castle, and I thought it ...

budget architecture  
user avatar asked by Andrew Savinykh Score of 26
user avatar answered by Greg Hewgill Score of 34

Why did the restaurant suggest I tip on the tax?

I had a meal in a restaurant and the total before tax was $17.00. The sale tax (7.5%) is $1.28 and the total after-tax is $18.28. The minimum suggested tip says 18% ($3.29) on the receipt. This is 18% ...

usa tipping taxes  
user avatar asked by Zuriel Score of 22
user avatar answered by DJClayworth Score of 53

Foreign driver gets a ticket in my car

A German friend came to visit in L.A. He used my car and ran a red light. After he left the US, I received a letter with a ticket and fine. If I give the traffic dept. his name and address will they ...

legal driving california  
user avatar asked by Jeremy Score of 21
user avatar answered by user102008 Score of 25

Can we use both cash and card for payments in Iceland as a tourist?

Can we do EFTPOS payments (debit/credit card payment) in Iceland using an international debit/credit card, or is it better to use cash as a tourist? I am wondering whether many shops in Iceland use ...

money payment-cards iceland payment  
user avatar asked by Mad Score of 9
user avatar answered by badjohn Score of 22

Is the six-month rule a hard rule or a guideline?

I'm an Italian citizen and got my ESTA last year that's still valid until my passport expiration in 2023. Italy is also in the 6 months club so it shouldn't be a problem. I will travel to the United ...

usa passports italian-citizens  
user avatar asked by Val Score of 8
user avatar answered by Doc Score of 12

Who is responsible for ensuring valid documentation on immigration?

My cousin, who holds an OCI card was travelling from London Gatwick to Ahmedabad, India with Emirates Air Line, but she forgot her OCI card at home and somehow she passed through Gatwick and was ...

customs-and-immigration india london  
user avatar asked by Kinjal Patel Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is food free in Duronto sleeper?

Is food free when traveling in Duronto sleeper class? I know that in 3rd tier, 2nd tier and 1st tier, food is free. But in Sealdah Puri Duronto, Howrah Delhi Duronto, is food free of cost? Is food ...

trains india food-and-drink indian-railways irctc  
user avatar asked by Aneek Score of 19
user avatar answered by Neels Score of 16

Power plug in Ireland: is it the same as in the rest of Europe?

What kind of power plug is used in Ireland? Is it the typical plug used in most of Europe? Or is it the British one? (Could you attach or link to a photo so I can make sure?)

europe power ireland  
user avatar asked by Grzegorz Wierzowiecki Score of 25
user avatar answered by Nean Der Thal Score of 41

Where is wild camping possible in Europe?

Are there countries in Europe where wild camping with a tent allowed or at least tolerated? How high is the probability that someone will get angry at you or even call the police? Please consider ...

budget legal europe camping  
user avatar asked by M.K. Score of 57
user avatar answered by Niels Score of 39

Advice for flying with a 6 month old infant?

We are going to have our first flight with our 6 month-old child. The flight will be 12 hours long. Is there anything we need to pay special attention to? Anything we might overlook? FEEDBACK Ok, ...

air-travel children  
user avatar asked by l0r3nz4cc10 Score of 26
user avatar answered by Jonas Score of 32

What happens if you cannot pay for a hotel?

What happens if you cannot pay for your hotel stay because you accidentally run out of money (can happen) or your credit card was blocked (much more likely)? I assume you cannot arrange the money on ...

legal money hotels passports  
user avatar asked by crenate Score of 47

Why did airport security swab my hands with wet paper?

Before entering a commercial plane, I had to go through the usual security check at Prague airport (PRG). When I passed the metal detector, it went off. I assume it was because I forgot to take off my ...

air-travel schengen airport-security security  
user avatar asked by Pavel Janicek Score of 51
user avatar answered by Kate Gregory Score of 50

How to get from Nice to Monaco by public transport?

What's the simplest and cheapest way to get from central Nice, France to Monaco by public transportation?

public-transport france monaco nice french-riviera  
user avatar asked by Jonik Score of 32
user avatar answered by Jonik Score of 36

Can you answer these questions?

Does any country retaliate if a visitor doesn't use a visa they were granted?

In all the cases I am aware of, if a visitor applies and obtains a visa to enter a country but don't use it, nothing happens. This makes me wonder: does any country retaliate if a visitor doesn't use ...

user avatar asked by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 6

My passport does not have exit stamp from South Africa. Will there be any issues to getting a visa or any repercussions when entering country

My passport was not stamped by immigration when returning to India from South Africa. I'm aware that South Africa stamps passport when they exit the country. My passport was not stamped for reasons I'...

customs-and-immigration passport-stamps south-africa  
user avatar asked by Rusty Score of 1

Collecting an oyster refund without tapping in

I've had a service delay refund approved for my oyster card today, but I only have 2 days to tap in to collect it. Its a Friday and I'm not travelling for a few days, is there a way I can collect it ...

london refunds tfl oyster-card  
user avatar asked by Blah blah Score of 4
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