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Top new questions this week:

What are these chair-like things in hotels?

I've encountered them in most hotels but I can't figure out what they are for. Some are even mounted on the walls. What are they?

hotels identify-this  
asked by no reputation plz 80 votes
answered by Paul Palmpje 161 votes

Using self-service gas pumps in Israel - with Hebrew-only interface

After traveling quite a bit in Israel by car I still can't figure out how to use gas pumps at the gas stations. All pumps I've seen were self service ones where you pay by car at the pump. Also none ...

driving automobiles israel gas-stations  
asked by pbm 19 votes
answered by ugoren 16 votes

Busiest domestic-only airport?

What is the busiest domestic airport? By domestic airport, I mean an airport where: all scheduled or charter flights are domestic, and the airport must not have any customs and immigration ...

air-travel airports factoids domestic-travel  
asked by gerrit 17 votes
answered by Kuba 37 votes

Are there luxury tourist train excursions in the USA?

In various countries around the world, tourists can book luxury train excursions. Those typically run only several times per year, use heritage carriages, are far more expensive than regular trains, ...

usa trains luxury  
asked by gerrit 16 votes
answered by choster 24 votes

Is there a way to stay for more than 90 days under the US Visa Waiver Program?

My sister will be in USA for 100 days with Visa Waiver. Is there a way that she can travel to another country and enter the USA again, so as not to contravene the 90 day limit of Visa Waiver?

visas usa us-visa-waiver-program  
asked by user108281 15 votes
answered by Arthur's Pass 41 votes

Airline schedule flights to arrive at the same time its scheduled to depart

I recently got delayed on my flight form ORD to LGA on UA263 on 2/14/2020. I decided to look deeper into the cause of the delay. According to United, the plane was coming from OMA (UA1140). It was ...

air-travel airlines  
asked by Jared 13 votes
answered by Doc 45 votes

How should the ESTA question "Have you ever been issued a passport or ID for travel by any other country?" be understood?

I'm really not sure with the translation of that question (English is not my 1st language). To that question I answered "no" : I did have an old passport but it was issued in France (I am and always ...

asked by Cecile 11 votes
answered by Greg Hewgill 33 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do I need a visa to transit (or layover) in the Schengen area?

I found many related questions on this site but I am still not sure about the rules. How can I decide if I need a visa to transit? Schengen members as of November 2017 are as follows: Austria ...

schengen transit layovers transit-visas  
asked by Relaxed 72 votes
answered by Relaxed 70 votes

Should my first trip be to the country which issued my Schengen Visa?

In case, if I get a multiple-entry Schengen visa in one of the embassies in Ukraine, Kyiv - should my first trip be to the country which issued the visa? Any there any requirements of this sort? Does ...

visas schengen ukrainian-citizens  
asked by Volodymyr M. 69 votes
answered by Ankur Banerjee 51 votes

What's the difference between embassies and consulates?

Today Mitt Romney called Benghazi the capital of Libya (it's Tripoli) and apparently mixed up consulates and embassies. I thought it'd be a handy question to have on here, for those sorting out visas ...

visas terminology embassies consulates  
asked by Mark Mayo 69 votes
answered by Doc 45 votes

Why are airline passengers asked to lift up window shades during takeoff and landing?

I have always wondered why the windows shades have to be raised during take off and landing. I can't think of any safety issues by having a closed window.

air-travel regulations aircraft  
asked by iamme 240 votes
answered by Nean Der Thal 349 votes

Someone else is booking international ticket for me using their credit or debit card. Do they need to be present physically at the time of check in?

If someone else is booking international ticket for me using his credit or debit card, does he need to be present physically at the time of check-in? Suppose I am coming back from Singapore to my ...

air-travel tickets payment-verifications  
asked by user2318170 51 votes
answered by Geeo 45 votes

What should I do after buying an airline ticket?

After I buy a ticket online for an airline, should I go to the airport and register it or is it enough to go to the airport at the date of flight and not to do anything? How can I pass the gates to ...

air-travel tickets  
asked by MOON 55 votes
answered by Relaxed 41 votes

Can one be arrested for viewing adult sites while in the UAE?

Does the police in UAE arrest people for accessing adult internet sites?

legal uae sex  
asked by kelvin 7 votes
answered by chx 5 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Visit Visa Documents Required to Visit Boyfriend in Czech Republic

I am Tushar and I am in a gay relationship with a Czech citizen. He visited me in India 4 times. I want to visit him for 10 days in Czech Republic this year. History: Last year I applied for visa. On ...

schengen schengen-visas czech-republic invitation-letters  
asked by Tushar 1 vote

Can I reenter UK on a Standard Visitor Visa granted for a job interview

I applied for, and was granted a UK Standard Visitor Visa (MULT) valid from October 2019 to April 2020 (6 months validity) This was for a job interview (Company A),I visited the UK in October and ...

visas uk standard-visitor-visas interview  
asked by Jason 2 votes

Schengen Country Consulates In Atlantic Canada?

I am planning to apply for Schengen visa for a visit any European country within Schengen region. I am currently living in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I have Indian passport. My problem is to my ...

schengen canada schengen-visas consulates  
asked by r_batra 2 votes
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