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Top new questions this week:

Etihad refusing to board at AUH despite being medically fit to fly, airport police called and now being detained

This is happening to a very good friend of mine. He, his wife, and his 2-year-old son are stuck at the Abu Dhabi airport. Here is a succinct description. The family flew out of Islamabad on Etihad ...

transit us-citizens regulations abu-dhabi etihad  
asked by Fixed Point Score of 22
answered by JonathanReez Score of 80

Plane ticket includes train ticket (Europe), what if I do not show up at train station?

I have to travel from Tijuana (Mexico) to Brussels (Belgium) on a business trip. The flight is operated by AirFrance and goes: from Tijuana to Mexico City (Aeromexico); from Mexico City to Paris (...

legal high-speed-rail air-france aeromexico tgvair  
asked by Meclassic Score of 18
answered by Nicolas Formichella Score of 21

What are these half-size parking spaces in a supermarket lot?

Please let me know what this highlighted parking space is for

uk automobiles road-signs  
asked by maneesh murali Score of 12
answered by lambshaanxy Score of 37

Covid Test Requirement for Dubai Transit From Ireland to Indonesia

I have a question here. I have an Emirates flight from Dublin to Jakarta that have 3 hrs and 25 min transit in Dubai. Indonesia have abolish PCR Test Requirement for fully vaccinated people, and ...

transit covid-19 ireland dubai indonesia  
asked by Indo kid Score of 8
answered by lambshaanxy Score of 10

My Schengen visa got revoked mid-trip, what should I do?

Originally, I was planning to do a trip to Switzerland (entry) and then travel to Slovenia. Slovenia was going to be my main destination so I got the visa from them. But just a day before the trip, I ...

schengen schengen-visas overstaying  
asked by WengenBoy Score of 6

Obtaining a covid test in Czech Republic

Next month I'll be travelling to Czech Republic for a couple of weeks and then returning to Japan, where I live. In order to re-enter Japan I will need to have a COVID test before leaving the Czech ...

covid-19 japan czech-republic  
asked by Phenomenom Score of 6
answered by mlc Score of 7

Schiphol Gates A8 / A12

Appreciate any info on where Gates A8 or A12 in Schiphol airport are located. Are they real gates or airlines like KLM due to crowded terminals instead of keeping passengers waiting inside arriving ...

airports layovers ams  
asked by Max Jasper Score of 6
answered by DavidSupportsMonica Score of 13

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I've booked a hotel on using an empty debit card. Can the hotel still enforce their no-show/cancellation charge?

Just today, I booked a hotel in Hong Kong through using a prepaid debit card which has zero balance. My reservation was confirmed; however, I changed my mind as I found a cheaper place to ...

payment-cards cancellations  
asked by Karl Score of 13
answered by lambshaanxy Score of 23

What does "Baggage: 1PC" mean on my flight ticket?

On my e-ticket for my flight with Swiss booked through, I see this: Baggage: 1PC Does this mean I'm only allowed hang-luggage? Or can I take hand-luggage, and check in one piece of ...

air-travel luggage terminology swiss  
asked by user18949 Score of 16
answered by Lorenzo Score of 15

Schengen Visa Refusal: Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable

Schengen refusal formulae can be difficult to understand sometimes. Sometimes an applicant receives a refusal with: Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not ...

visas schengen visa-refusals  
asked by Gayot Fow Score of 50
answered by Gayot Fow Score of 72

How to know "your number" for a machine haircut in a foreign country?

When traveling for an extensive period of time, you may need to get a haircut in a country where you do not speak the language. I usually get a machine haircut and just saying or showing the number (...

language-barrier hygiene  
asked by Peter Hahndorf Score of 25
answered by BobCormorano Score of 12

What to do when "no cars available" in Uber

Is there a way to automatically search and request a ride when there's no cars available for a ride at the moment. In case I'm flexible with my time, and can tolerate an hour or two of waiting. Other ...

asked by Gleb Score of 10
answered by LessPop_MoreFizz Score of 13

Is it allowed to take an external hard drive with you on a plane?

Can i take an external USB drive with me on an international flight? Do they open or scan it, or go through its contents at an airport or during a customs security check? If it is allowed, do I have ...

air-travel customs-and-immigration airport-security electronic-items  
asked by hammad Score of 23

Layover at Narita, Japan. Do I need a transit visa?

I will be transferring between two international flights at Tokyo Narita airport. I'm scheduled to depart the same day I arrive. I am planning to stay within the airport during the layover. Does ...

visas customs-and-immigration transit japan nrt  
asked by Varun Vats Score of 19
answered by Nean Der Thal Score of 18

Can you answer these questions?

Germany short term overstay visa by mistake

I was in Germany last month to visit my wife on visitors visa. My visa duration was 45 days but maximum allowable days were 30 which I failed to read accurately on my visa. I stayed there for 37 days ...

visas germany overstaying  
asked by ANIKET MHATRE Score of 2

Passport cover worn

I’m due to fly to the Dominican Republic next month and I’m a bit concerned about my passport (UK). The gold writing on the front cover has near enough disappeared. Has anyone else flown with a ...

customs-and-immigration passports airports airport-security biometric-passports  
asked by James Cook Score of 1

Travel to Austria for few days and then re-enter in France with French 'Recepisse de Demande de Carte de Sejour"

I need to go to Austria to attend a conference. I am not a European and my French visa is expired. Can I travel to Austria for few days and then re-enter in France ? According to this source:https://...

schengen france austria  
asked by amitoz Score of 1
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