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Top new questions this week:

UK visitors visa needed fast for badly injured family member

My wife is Thai and with me in the UK on a settlement visa. I have suffered a catastrophic back injury which is life changing. My wife is not coping well being alone and having to look after 2 young ...

uk standard-visitor-visas applications  
asked by robin stallick 26 votes
answered by Michael Hampton 43 votes

How can I find out where to buy uncommon (for the location) items while traveling?

I'm looking for ways to find out brick&mortar stores where I can buy a given item, in a given city. For example, Q: Where can I find kale in Cancun? (A: at Chedraui) Q: Where can I buy a Lenovo ...

planning shopping maps  
asked by Dan Dascalescu 22 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 31 votes

Where to stand for this winter view in Grindelwald, Switzerland?

I happened upon this r/winterporn post. If you haven't stood at this spot, how did you infer where it was?

switzerland identify-this  
asked by Explorer 11 votes
answered by Glorfindel 31 votes

Can I exit from a different Schengen country than the one I entered from?

I have received a Schengen visa for 7 days from Italy. I would flying from Dubai to Rome and spending few days over there and heading to Netherlands. Can I return back to Dubai from Netherlands ...

customs-and-immigration schengen paperwork itineraries  
asked by Charlotte Moonjely 10 votes
answered by Krist van Besien 14 votes

Is there a simple procedure or what are the procedures to obtain a permit to visit Lakshadweep islands?

I wanted to know why Indian citizens need a permit to visit Lakshadweep, and an answer on Quora says: "To protect the interests of the general public of Lakshadweep, about 95% of whom are ...

india permits vacations south-india  
asked by Nav 7 votes
answered by jpatokal 4 votes

How to prove a relationship when my unmarried non-EU partner travels to the UK with a 'Family member of an EU citizen' residence card?

My partner is Chinese, I am British, but we both live in the Netherlands. He has a "Residence card for a family member of an EU citizen" which we obtained even though we are unmarried because we had ...

visas uk eu-citizens  
asked by HD 189733b 7 votes
answered by phoog 5 votes

Google Flights is in English but booking site it sends me to is in Thai

I'm trying to use Google Flights as is often recommended to me. I've got the language set to English and the currency set to AUD. I've found a cheap flight from Bangkok to Europe and click on it. It ...

air-travel online-resources bookings language-barrier google-search  
asked by hippietrail 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do I not need to supply passport details when booking through websites?

I've booked international air tickets from a variety of sources and I've always needed to supply passport details, e.g. airline websites, travel agents. However I've just booked a flight with Expedia ...

online-resources passports international-travel  
asked by dlanod 9 votes
answered by Mark Mayo Supports Monica 9 votes

This is a picture on my LG TV screensaver. I would like to know where this is?

The screensaver on my TV shows this place; I would love to find where it is located!

asked by emily mac 24 votes
answered by Hanky Panky 84 votes

Baggage storage in downtown Toronto

I am traveling to Toronto, ON, Canada in July with my family. We will arrive at around 1 am and we plan to take some rest until around 9 am in the airport and then travel downtown. However, the place ...

luggage-storage toronto  
asked by Ron Lau 13 votes
answered by gerrit 7 votes

What is the procedure to book luggage with Indian Railways?

I would like to know the procedure to book luggage. I will be travelling from Bangalore to Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) on the train number 15016 (YPR GORAKPUR EXP) and I have extra household stuff that ...

luggage india indian-railways  
asked by DevG 16 votes
answered by PSC775 13 votes

How to complete the DS-160 when "Session timed out"

I tried using the latest versions of safari and firefox (mac). Everytime I try to complete the DS-160 I get a "Session timed out" error. I can use my application number to login again, but I get a ...

usa b1-b2-visas  
asked by Antzi 7 votes
answered by Antzi 1 vote

Are battery packs allowed in hand luggage?

When flying, are you allowed to bring battery packs / power banks? I'd like to bring my ACC 10400mAh Power Bank on several flights.

air-travel airport-security hand-luggage batteries  
asked by user1073075 57 votes
answered by uncovery 31 votes

Do I need a visa to transit (or layover) in the Schengen area?

I found many related questions on this site but I am still not sure about the rules. How can I decide if I need a visa to transit? Schengen members as of November 2017 are as follows: Austria ...

schengen transit layovers transit-visas  
asked by Relaxed 67 votes
answered by Relaxed 68 votes

Can you answer these questions?

visa for layover in Bangkok AIRPORT waiting for next flight to VTE

I bought 2 flight tickets separate (not connect to each other); one from Sacramento to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok(BKK) ( layover for 8hours or so), The other one is from BKK to VTE ( Laos). I'm ...

transit luggage bangkok  
asked by sam 1 vote

Can I travel with just my first name on ticket?

I recently booked a return ticket from Egypt, I made an error where I entered my Middle name in the surname textbox, I only realised this after completing the booking. I have contacted Turkish Airline ...

asked by Saad 1 vote

UK visitor visa from Germany - translation of Aufenhaltstitel (residence permit)

I am a non-EU citizen and I am going to apply for a British visa from Germany, where I live now. The official guidelines are clear about supporting documents: they should be either in English or ...

visas uk  
asked by Gregg 2 votes
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