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comment What should I do after buying an airplane ticket?
It's also probably worth noting that the boarding process really isn't as simple as "everybody lines up and gets on the plane" - most airlines will offer boarding first for first-class passengers, those traveling with small children, or those who may require additional time to board. (Wheelchair-bound, etc.) After that, they still will usually board in smaller groups so the entire load of passengers isn't rushing the gate. Some assign groups back-to-front, some according to when you checked in, and so on. If you try to board before your group is called, you'll be sent back.
comment What's the best money option for US travelling?
I would also strictly avoid the pre-paid card option. Some places won't accept them at all (since your name is not on the card) and in some cases you'll get false rejections if your available balance is too close to the transaction amount, or if you've got reserve amounts that haven't cleared yet.
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answered Which locations are traditionally Santa's home - i.e. where can you visit Santa Claus year-round?