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comment Is tap water drinkable in Massachusetts (and elsewhere in USA)?
As @Mark says, drinkable and tasting good are different. Note that tasting good varies on a smaller scale than by state; it depends on the source of the water as well as the kind of pipes used to transport it. It's possible to have different tasting water in different parts of the same city, if the city is large enough!
comment Are there any flights which permits a Sikh to carry a kirpan?
Why not use some other mode of travel? If your family just wants you to get out and see the world, a car trip might be just fine!
comment Why are there holes in ice cubes in airplanes?
@R.., On many flights, I receive the entire can (355mL?) It's not true of every airline, but it's common enough. So more beverage/less ice is not necessarily an issue.
comment Which locations are traditionally Santa's home - i.e. where can you visit Santa Claus year-round?
There's a "Santa's Village" in almost every major mall across the US at this time of year. =/