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I'm a former professional software engineer based in Texas. I love the C# programming language, and actually program leisurely as well.

My suite of add-ons for World of WarCraft was quite popular. They have been downloaded a combined 400k times from the two main download sites (WoWInterface.com and Curse.com).

After 12 years working in IT and software development, I found that the field was no longer fun nor interesting to me. I recently quit my job to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a novelist.

comment My passport expires April 2013, can I renew it after my travel to US in December or before travel?
This is a good rule of thumb, actually. The CPB officers pretty much ALWAYS has the final call. I used to be a foreign worker on an H1B visa (now Green Card) and my immigration form always stressed the fact that the document didn't guarantee me entry into the US, and that it was up to the CPB officer to decide whether I should be allowed into the country.
comment Can I take an AVR development board on a plane?
+1 for the anecdote =p
comment Are calls to international numbers charged at international rates if the caller is in the same country?
In my experience people calling me while I was roaming abroad have never had to pay as if they were making international calls when calling me. Maybe it depends on the carrier, but I have never seen it. It wouldn't make sense.
comment How early should you get to the airport in the US?
Thank you @Gagravarr, I have updated my response to reflect your information.
comment Finding a notary in France / Italy
Thanks for the info! That might have happened late in 1998 because I still needed photocopies certifiées conformes for my American college applications towards the beginning of 1998.