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software guy, at Neocis, former CMake release manager, contributor to VTK and ITK, ex Visio dev, creator of Sgt Fitness & Frackle iPhone apps

Interested in:

  • build stuff
  • graphics stuff
  • iPhone and iPad stuff
  • world travel
  • good (coffee, beer, steak, chocolate, Scotch), perhaps, but not necessarily, in that order

comment Can we get by as English speakers visiting Iceland?
This is just awesome... I asked about speaking English, got a really informative answer, and found out why the travel agent I dealt with by email was named "Matthíasdóttir" by following the culturally related links given by @jozzas. Thanks a bunch - wish I could upvote over and over again! I love this site already!
comment Best way to get from SeaTac airport to Redmond?
I suggest being an ex-Microsoft employee, having lots of friends who still live in the area, and calling one of them up to give you a ride. Better yet, simply post on Facebook or LinkedIn that you'll be traveling there soon, and see which one volunteers to pick you up first...