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comment When I travel next, I want to reach the point on the earth that is exactly opposite my home, how can I discover where that is?
NatGeo used to publish (I grew up with one purchased in the early 1970s) a globe that was sitting loose in a stand rather than bolted on at the poles. The stand had a ring that would match up to the equator if the globe was oriented with a pole directly up. That made it easy to visualize great circle paths by simply rolling the globe until the desired end points were both aligned with the ring. Finding Antipodal points was easy with it because the ring was also marked in degrees.
comment Can you just charge your phone/ipad/laptop at the airport at any outlet?
@hippietrail, a cube tap is a particularly compact way to expand a single US AC outlet into usually three outlets. The equivalent may or may not exist abroad. They can be cheaply made because each of the three terminals is a single piece of metal stamping, held apart by the shell, so no hand-wiring is required to assemble them. Other shapes exist, but usually trade off additional volume for features like extra room for the cords, or more outputs. The linked example is typical of the breed, and would easily fit in corner in a laptop bag pocket.
comment Can you just charge your phone/ipad/laptop at the airport at any outlet?
I heard a filler news story go by over the recent long weekend about a rash of people unplugging vending machines to get to the outlet. Don't do that. Do consider carrying a small cube-tap so that you can offer to share the outlet with the person you found camping next to it.
comment What to do in Las Vegas without having to sin?
+1 for P&T. Also Mac King's show is inexpensive, highly rated, and family friendly.
comment Does condition 8115 mean you can't check your work email?
+1 for "violates the term vacation"!
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