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comment Are there any guarded parking lots anywhere in or near Berlin, Germany?
"every car in Germany is insured against car theft" - obviously not! My car is not. Insurance doesn't solve the problem. First of all its handing out money to thieves - I'd gladly pay the money to honest hard working people running parking lots and not to risk-pool which basically is a handout to criminals. Secondly the car is too old to be insured, and even if a company agrees to insure it, its book value is MUCH less then its value to me, and the amount of work I put into customization. Third, the contents of the car can be more valuable then the vehicle itself, and insurance doesn't cover.
comment Are there any issues with using credit cards in Germany?
The "Most ATMs only handle EC cards" is certainly not true. Any ATM in Germany will happily accept any VISA or MasterCard. As for shops, the more expensive ones do accept (REWE, Real), the cheaper ones not (Lidl, Kaufland).
comment Are there any guarded parking lots anywhere in or near Berlin, Germany?
@Gilles the thing is I don't need a hotel, I just want to leave my car in Berlin for some time and travel away from the city by other means. Low-end labor is just about 3 to 4 times more expensive then in Poland, so I expect the parking to cost 3 to 4 times more, but its not a reason for them to not exist at all.
comment Are there any laws which prohibit officials from taking a passport out-of-reach of the passport holder?
So what can be done to force them to check the passport in my view, and not disappear with it? When the officials disappear with it, they can try to extort a bribe by holding the passport ransom, or just say "We don't have your passport and now what you'll do?"