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comment How can I learn if I need to pay London's congestion fee?
They appear to be pretty visible, and there are large Cs on the lanes that go into the congestion area. I've never been to london, but I pulled it up on Google Street View:
comment How can I learn if I need to pay London's congestion fee?
Not in and of itself, but quoting from the website:'You can pay in advance or on the day of travel. If you don't pay by midnight on the charging day after you drove in the zone, you'll get a Penalty Charge Notice.' (and the fee goes up from ~10 pounds to 60-120, depending on when you pay)
comment What are the practical implications for the flag of a ship?
The wikipedia article points it out pretty much. As a 'normal tourist', as it were, it really doesn't matter, unless things go bad, in which case you as a person may not get the kind of restitution you expect.
comment Is there a good list that helps sort out the relative market of grocery store chains in the US?
Bloom is operated by Food Lion. From 'upmarket' to 'downmarket', Food Lion's brands are Bloom, Food Lion, and Bottom Dollar (at least in the DC area). Obviously, your experience may vary, but Bloom is targeted for upmarket. However, it looks like they're undoing the branding and just making everything food lion:…
comment What ski resort in the US/Canada is reachable from Europe?
I can't in good conscience recommend Panorama to someone flying all the way from Europe. It's a 4+ hour bus ride fom Calgary, and the whole resort is quite small compared to EU.