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I love programming and software development, and enjoy the Linux stack - from Python and Java to rsync and awk.

My current position is CTO at Vioozer. We are developing an interesting location-based real-time search engine based on users answering from their mobile devices.

I live at Kibbutz Zikim, Israeland have B.Sc in Computer Science and humanities from the Hebrew university, Jerusalem.

Contact me at adam@matan.name.

comment SIM card in New Zealand with unlimited internet access
Great answer. My wife bought a telecom sim and I bought 2degrees, to maximize coverage. It works - this comment is typed from Queen Charlotte's track!
comment Are there any repercussions from having an Israeli stamp in my passport?
@Stuart: See my answer here travel.stackexchange.com/questions/1504/…
comment Will an Iranian or Kuwaiti visa or stamp in my passport pose a problem on a future visit to Israel?
Updated my answer according to your comment. Short answer: nobody knows, it's arbitrary.
comment How long does it take for a US citizen to get a visa to travel to Israel?
The only process is a relatively quick passport check.