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comment Travelling to Kiruna, Sweden from Dubai, clothing during extreme cold climate
@HenningMakholm: In Sweden, they often say "there's no cold weather -- there's inadequate clothing".
comment Visiting Bosnia-Herzegovina during Ramadan
Hi, and welcome to Travel-SE! You seem to be new to the Stack Exchange network, and since you have a blog that you linked to, I'd like to point out the page in the Help Center about self-promotion. There's nothing wrong with redirecting users to your product/site, provided it answers the question (which in this case does -- an interesting write!). It's recommended to write a self-contained answer and provide links as support and source of additional information. Thanks, and we're looking forward to more of your contributions in the future!
comment Can I buy a vignette for Hungary (Matrica) online?
It is indeed possible. I bought a vignette online myself just a month ago.
comment Where can I get a Sitar lesson in New Delhi?
Heya! Here on Travel-SE, we prefer if our users disclose affiliation with products and services they endorse; it's perfectly fine to have your own business and mention it if it answers a question. So if you are related with said Dhruv Bedi, or are indeed themselves, please mention so on your profile page.
comment Motorcycle tour of Sweden and Norway
@Tor-EinarJarnbjo: If they do cook, then yeah, it will be definitely cheaper than that, provided OP gets some local knowledge where and what to buy -- though Norway is more expensive than Sweden generally. I'll edit the answer to reflect our discussion.
comment Motorcycle tour of Sweden and Norway
@Tor-EinarJarnbjo: Since OP will be travelling, they won't be cooking and preparing food themselves, presumably, which leaves only going out to eat -- and that's expensive. Fast food is around 60-80 SEK per meal, but realistically, do you really want to be eating McDonalds every day for two weeks? I live in Sweden and I can't survive (nor do I imagine it possible) for 50 SEK per day while hitting all the right food groups.
comment Travel from Budapest to Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
I've made this trip from Budapest airport to Cluj-Napoca two years ago, and the vehicles are more of like large vans than actual buses, so the trip through mountainous Transylvania might not be very comfortable -- but it's quite beautiful.
comment What is the correct way to pay in a restaurant when you get the check in a book?
Also, don't leave stray cash on an outdoors table -- putting it in a book makes sure it doesn't get all over the street by a sudden gust of wind. Make sure you put any coins in the pocket of the book, if available, so that they don't fall out when the waiter picks up the book.
comment Why are there holes in ice cubes in airplanes?
The reason is probably most trivial: greater surface area allows for a greater rate of cooling. Holes are a neat way to increase surface area without increasing overall dimensions of the ice cube.
comment Places to see in Stockholm in 2 days full
Vasamuseet is also quite popular and definitely worth visiting while strolling around Djurgården.
comment Air travel: Violating checked luggage size by “just a bit”
@arney: "Questions with too many possible answers" is exactly polling.
comment Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476) and iBT for Australia?
Questions about immigration or moving for extended periods of time (studies or employment, among others) are off-topic. Our sister site, Expatriates Stack Exchange might be a better place to ask. See also the meta post Is it OK to ask questions about immigration?.
comment Trekking in Georgian Tusheti region? Safety?
Bear riding entirely optional ;)
comment Is it safe to travel to Egypt in early 2012?
This question is closed because its answers may no longer represent the current state of affairs; they may have been valid in the past, but they should not be relied on for accuracy in the present.
comment Is it OK to apply for US visa from Cyprus being a Russian citizen?
We already have a similar question with some more information. Generally, the answer would be "Yes, you can", but check what the US embassy in Cyprus has to say about it.
comment What documents should you carry with you when travelling internationally?
@mouviciel: Good point, I also do that myself.
comment If travelling through excessively cold regions, what steps should you take to keep your vehicle warm enough to drive?
@SantaC.: mechanics.SE is not about driving. but is about maintenance. We had a question about choosing winter tires that got migrated there, and mechanics-SE mods told me driving questions are not really on-topic for them.
comment Roaming charges from country to country in Europe
Roaming charges in EU will be a thing of the past after July 2014
comment Tourist maps online for Japan?
Have you tried OpenStreetMap? It has decent coverage and I use it occasionally (that is, applications which use its data) when travelling. There's at least a few Android applications with offline maps (probably for other platforms too), most of which use OSM data since it's free.
comment Work as freelancer while tourist in US
Not sure if I quite agree. Particularly for intellectual work, it's very hard to prove what is "work" and what isn't. Is checking your company email work? Is coding? Or thinking about the project you are working on? For those types of activities, I'd say you should be able to do it without anyone making a fuss.