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Currently playing with Android and Rails while working with Python/Django on week days. When I have questions, I will try to give examples based on current events or food so that they are more exciting to answer.

Plus I build stuffs that are useful to me.

comment What is the best way to travel from IST to Istanbul?
Is the metro and tram part of the same system or different so that you have to pay different fares.
comment Tasting typical Icelandic cuisine in Reykjavík
The meat soup is another dish that is a must taste. Each time you see meat soup on the menu, it is lamb soup. It is usually eaten with bread and butter which are delicious on their own.
comment Drinking tap water in India
When you buy bottled water, don't forget to check that the seal is still intact. I've been told that some shop keepers might re-use water bottles and re-fill it with tap water for re-sale. After you are done drinking the bottled water and don't plan to use it, crush it.
comment What are some good companies that offer Canadian tours in the Rockies or the Maritimes?
I know, I don't plan to do both tours in one go. Maybe do the Rockies in one year and the Maritimes the next.
comment Is it best for Canadians to get an Egyptian visa in advance or at the Cairo airport?
Slightly off topic, I see that you are from Egypt. Is it safe to travel at the moment? I heard there's the election happening at the end of November, should I wait until after the election to book my tour to Egypt?