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comment How to register while wild camping in the Balkans?
Wild camping or camping outside of registered camps is illegal in Croatia.
comment One month in Vietnam
IMHO Month is more than enough for Vietnam so I would also add Cambodia because it is amazing country and so close while you are in Vietnam.
comment To which country in Europe should I travel to if I want to see a lot of lighthouses?
+all the remote ones can be rented, check this: The page lists 10 that can be rented, but there are much more along the cost.
comment Roadtrip in Southeastern Europe: too much for 4 weeks?
If you never been to Croatia I would also add Zagreb -> Plitvice -> (Split) -> Dubrovnik and then onward to Montenegro, Albania, Greece... You can add your continental part Skopje and Belgrade on your way back to Hungary. If you want to go to San Marino you can easily cross the Adriatic sea from Ancona, Italy to Zadar/Split, Croatia or from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik, Croatia.
comment Are there still any “cheap” options for flying from Australia to Mexico without going through the US?
Not sure what you did, but getting an US visa is not a problem under normal circumstances. Since there is $1000 price difference you should try to save $900 :))). There is an interview but they are very professional and the process is well documented...
comment What can I do to prevent passport stamps being put on blank pages?
I would not recommend putting anything in your passport, this is official document and it might look like you are hiding something.
comment One-way tickets into the US and Canada?
They never asked me to show my return ticket, only when I plan to leave...
comment Can I travel from the USA to Spain with a one-way flight?
This is not an answer to your question about flights, but since you are from US you can only stay in EU Schengen Area (includes Spain and most of Western/Northern Europe) for 90 days. According to "for pleasure or for business without the need to apply for a visa for a maximum of 90 days in a 180 day period." This means you cannot stay in Spain for 9 months as you planned without a proper visa.
comment How far away can I get with my car starting in Amsterdam?
Yes, one could go with 4x4, but I remember these guys crossing some wild places (ice, swamps, canyons) with those trucks. They also had equipment in case of a engine failure, ice, floods, wars etc. So I guess you do not need special vehicles but it would be nice to have those....