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comment Can my Father sponsor me for schengen visa?
startup culture Don't put that in your application, very difficult to prove while you are a student.
comment Can I board a domestic flight in India if the name on the ticket is longer than the name in my ID card?
@Relaxed Nobody would refuse a PAN card as a genuine identification. But considering a person issued a PAN card 10 years ago, the PAN card prints would have dimmed a bit so might be a no if your picture cannot be made out.
answered Best website for checking pnr status for Indian Railway
comment Applying for UK visa for European Family permit Check out the eligibility rules here
comment How difficult is it to get Schengen visa from India?
Possible duplicate of Which category of Schengen Visa?
comment Is there a map that shows the walking time between London Tube stations?
@HenningMakholm Primarily because everything is a straight line. If they put it on a map it would be clearer then.
comment Dual UK and AUS, no UK passport
Bring in some proof of your British citizenship. The border officials if not convinced, will do their checks on their side and if convinced will let you in. There was a border officials tv series where they allowed a British citizen, totally drunk, travelling from Bangladesh allowed in, without a passport which was lost somewhere during travel, after they checked and convinced themselves that he was indeed a citizen. But he was living here, so your case might take a bit more time.
comment Do we need to write covering letter separately for my Daughter of 11 months?
Cover letter is more or less useless, unless and until you need to explain something important and there isn't any place in the application where you could have explained that.
comment Oyster - buying travelcard after journey on same day
As it was the same day travelcard, it was refunded because your travelcard became valid from that day 0000 hrs onward.
comment ECO completely ignored my sponsor's bank statements and refused UK visit visa
You see the random deposits near you application dates point in the letter, that is always a red flag. You might need to prove your ties to your country emphatically. As you are from Pakistan, a high risk country of people entering illegally into UK, you have to be more emphatic in your proofs.
comment Is it allowed to bring condoms in airplane?
If you are going to blow balloons with them in the cabin, then no. Else why would they refuse ?
comment Need visa for brother to travel with me to UK
You can prove you will come back, but it will be difficult to prove your brother will come back which will be a sticking point. Can your brother prove emphatically that he will return back but your statements prove otherwise.
comment Can visas be stamped in an old passport, provided that I have a new one?
Major chances are they might stamp overlapping another stamp. Happened to me, even though I had some empty pages on my passport.
comment UK student visitor refused, what to do next?
The 2nd one is always a red flag. Such big transfers just before an application is always going to have a rejection.
comment Getting refused entry and removed at Heathrow, X in passport
Refused entry That might count against you, but doesn't mean a NO. Apply again and clarify the reasons for the refusal to allow you to enter in your application. And considering you aren't from a high risk country is always in your favour.
comment UK entry denied: how to go about ensuring access next time
@JohnZwinck Not necessarily on a witch hunt for now, but they have always been like that. It is always the visitors prerogative to prove him(her)self, not the border officers either in UK or outside. Ever dealt with US border officials, they make me very uneasy. Germans are cool though, very easy going. I have seen hundreds of Chinese, some of whom speak little or no English, get through without any difficulty with the border officers.
comment Is there a limit to a total number of months a holder of UK multiple entry visitor visa can spend in UK per calendar year?
I had watched an episode of Border watch or something(don't remember the name) where they deported a Pakistani national who had been using a visitor visa for staying the major part of the year in UK.
comment Schengen Refusal: unable to understand reason
@chx There are multiple questions with the same premise and have been answered in this forum. It can be marked as duplicate, but it is a relevant question here.
comment UK visa for less than 24 hours of stay
Yes it is a visit nonetheless. You aren't in transit either.
comment Staying exactly the number of allowed days in the visa. Problems?
I had the same issue with my Finnish visa, just a day extra. I argued with the embassy official asking what if a volcano erupts and my flights are cancelled, what do I do then. I was told not to worry in those cases.