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Programming addict since 1985. Got started on basic for the vic-20, transcribing code from magazine and getting the dreadful "Syntax Error". Unfortunately, typing accuracy has not improved much since then :p.

Now working for my own company on indie games. The technologies we use include: Java on Android, C#, Unity, Flash/AS3 and multiple web services (Parse.com is worth mentioning: good stuff)

Some links:

comment What kind of questions should I be asking about tropical destinations?
upvoted for the dry/wet season. Figure out if the deal falls in the wet season or not. Not that is a bad think per se (in some places it means an hour of rain per day), but better be informed about it.
comment Can we get by as English speakers visiting Iceland?
You can get by in any country without speaking the language, as long as you are OK looking foolish while pointing and gesticulating. Off-topic, best Icelandic surprise: the food is extraordinary. On average better than France or Italy, which are renowned for their food.