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Software developer with a strong interest in functional programming - mostly using F# at work and Haskell for hobby stuff.

In my spare time I'm one of the developers of darcs, and also a volunteer administrator for WhatDoTheyKnow.com.

comment Is it safe for a commercial flight to have Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan on its flight route?
If the Iranian government decided to ban overflights in advance, they could do so and people would just have to respect it. But they'd be losing the fees they can otherwise charge for them. If they decided to force down an aircraft after previously giving it permission to overfly, that would probably cause a serious international incident.
comment What's the quickest way from London Kings Cross to Euston, by foot or tube?
Obviously if you arrive at Platforms 9-11 to begin with, then just go straight out of the doors on the right after the ticket barriers.
comment Buying Paris metro tickets from Eurostar before/during the journey?
I've incorporated the extra information from these comments into my post.
comment Under what situations can a passenger be restrained by flight crew?
The verdict you quote in the Meeker case is founded on the wording of 49 USC § 1472(j), and not 14 CFR 125.328. The wording of § 1472(j) is subtly different from the wording of the regulation you quote above, in that it "applies to anyone who 'assaults, intimidates, or threatens . . . so as to interfere with the performance' of duties. " - i.e. there have to be both assault/intimidation/threats leading to interference. Also, the "interference" in the case was substantially more than just non-violent disobedience; the pilot had to come and help restrain him because he was being violent.
comment Buying Paris metro tickets from Eurostar before/during the journey?
Not certain - a carnet was what I wanted anyway.
comment Getting to the sea from Oxford
+1 for Bournemouth etc. Particularly good for big holes!