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Software developer with a strong interest in functional programming - mostly using F# at work and Haskell for hobby stuff.

In my spare time I'm one of the developers of darcs, and also a volunteer administrator for

comment What's the quickest way from London Kings Cross to Euston, by foot or tube?
Obviously if you arrive at Platforms 9-11 to begin with, then just go straight out of the doors on the right after the ticket barriers.
comment Buying Paris metro tickets from Eurostar before/during the journey?
I've incorporated the extra information from these comments into my post.
comment Under what situations can a passenger be restrained by flight crew?
The verdict you quote in the Meeker case is founded on the wording of 49 USC § 1472(j), and not 14 CFR 125.328. The wording of § 1472(j) is subtly different from the wording of the regulation you quote above, in that it "applies to anyone who 'assaults, intimidates, or threatens . . . so as to interfere with the performance' of duties. " - i.e. there have to be both assault/intimidation/threats leading to interference. Also, the "interference" in the case was substantially more than just non-violent disobedience; the pilot had to come and help restrain him because he was being violent.
comment Buying Paris metro tickets from Eurostar before/during the journey?
Not certain - a carnet was what I wanted anyway.
comment Getting to the sea from Oxford
+1 for Bournemouth etc. Particularly good for big holes!