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comment Are there any laws that prohibit trading on the airplane?
Did you try to sell your gold bar in the plane?
comment Is it rude to tell the ice cream man in Istanbul not to mess with me?
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this user has a long history of trolling.
comment Can I travel with my video game to Germany?
You fly half way around the world to play computer games?
comment Meaning of asterisks and binary mask in the US visa
It could be some sort of "version number" for the visa. Maybe future visa have different or additional fields, new security features or a different layout. This way the scanner would know in which place to look for things like "first name", or where a security feature such as a watermark or some UV light signature should be located on the visa.
comment Buying and insuring a car in the US for a roadtrip
Define cheaply. With a car insurance you don't just insure YOUR $2000 bucket, but also the other guys new shiny sportscar you might crash into.
comment How do I take care of valuables on a Germany trip?
Germany is rather safe. The real criminals to watch out for when backpacking are the hostels who charge you 10 Euros/day for internet.
comment What to do without underwear on a 4 day trip?
Why don't you just wear your towel?
comment What's the safest way to protect your valuable belongings from theft at the beach?
Yeah, this box seems pointless to me. Any thief will just walk away with it and open it in the convenience of his own home with standard power tools. Might as well just hide your stuff in a plastic food container and bury it in a small hole in the sand, and then place your towel on top so you can find it again ...
comment Where do I find really fast internet access in Auckland, New Zealand?
How big is "ton of data"? The city library has a daily traffic limit of 200MB per device as far as i know. It wont be fast, but you can read books while you wait :)
comment Cheap bus lines in Germany, something like Orangeways?
Deutsche Bahn prices are confusing, and you can get at least to 3 different prices for the same route, depending on which ticket you choose. You could try either the weekend ticket for EUR 44 or the saver fare for EUR 29 (up to 250km) if you don't find a bus.
comment Exchanging a Motorhome (RV) between USA and Australia
Getting an insurance for it might be the tricky part if you don't rent it from an agency...
comment Is there any mobile app with public transportation routes for Vitória, Brazil?
What would you do with an offline version? It wouldn't be very useful if they couldn't update the timetables in case of some unexpected disruptions like accidents, roads closed etc.
comment Which European cities are connected by convenient night boat?
Do you have the original source for the image? Seems like it has been resized and i cant read any of the yellow labels.
comment What type of car do I need for a trip in Finland?
You mean the car model is not guaranteed, even if you have a reservation?
comment Are these guys real or scammers?
From what i have read in other forums, the fee they charge is only an "assessment fee". The fees for the official application are not even included.
comment How to access the internet during a road trip in the USA?
Some of the overland busses in the US have free wifi on board (and advertised on the outside of the bus). Check the schedules, then follow the bus as he leaves the station. Your Co-pilot and your passengers can now enjoy free wifi as long as you stay behind the bus. Cruise control is your friend :)
comment How to find cheap accomodation in Sydney
"late this/early next year" sounds like you're hitting the peak season between Christmas and New Year when everything is booked out. Don't expect cheap during this time of the year.
comment Safest way to send an international check or wire transfer?
@Karlson: In theory yes, but a quick search shows that quite a few people have been screwed by PayPal itself and lost a lot of money to them. I would not use "PayPal" and "secure payments" in the same sentence.
comment What to do in Las Vegas without having to sin?
Little known fact: Prostitution (your #4) is not permitted in Clark County, Nevada - and this includes Las Vegas!
comment Crashing a rental car abroad
I disagree. If you have driven on the left side of the road, it's very hard to suddenly drive on the other side. Particular tricky are intersections when no other car is around. Quite often you find yourself turning into the wrong lane just out of habit. It took me at least 3 months to really get used to driving on the other side. It is a bit easier in a city, because then at least are plenty other cars around so you can just follow them.