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comment Travelling through the US with Canadian Working Visa
do you have anything to prove that you are going to drive to Canada? Hotel confirmations, letter of employment, apartment lease, ... ? Also do you know how long it takes to drive to Canada from LA? The closest part is days away, the further parts more than a week.
comment Transit for Haiti
It's not clear. Are you transiting in Haiti, or transiting somewhere else to get to Haiti. If somewhere else, where?
comment How does the US know that I left?
When I re-entered the US after a cruise, the only question the officer had on seeing my passport was whether I was flying home (to Canada) or driving. Flying? OK have a nice day. I was told later it was because they know when you leave if you fly, and if I had said driving I would have been given a form to hand in when I left.
comment Needing help booking a trip
You need to be a lot more specific, probably in a number of separate questions. What is it that you want to know about booking to Mexico, about booking to Bali, and so on?
comment Using Chip-and-Pin credit cards in the US?
the magnetic strip that today is a backup was once the cool new thing not all terminals could handle, which is why our cards still have raised numbers across the front for scrunchswiping the carbon imprinter across. And our new tap-only cards have chip-and-pin for backup when tap doesn't work.
comment Can I obtain an International Drivers license whilst abroad?
on what do you base your theory that you can't renew you Colorado license because of the state of your J1 visa?
comment Is it OK to play the piano housed in the lobbies of hotels?
a customer, especially of a bar or hotel
comment Renting a Manual Car in the US
I can't speak to the US, but in Canada neither buying nor repairing manual transmission cars has been difficult. (However not all dealership employees can drive them, sometimes they have to get someone else to bring the car around to the front.) However buying a used one might be a different story.
comment Carrying confidential corporate data into US on laptop/Drive/device - how to prevent data theft?
Most cloud services are actually quite safe. But of course you can encrypt what you upload, hide it with steganography, lock it up in a private corporate cloud behind VPNs with dongles, whatever. The point is that if it's not with you, it can't be looked at while crossing the border.
comment How do I get a self-addressed envelope from Canada to USA?
this is a good debunking of the reply coupon, but really glosses over the part where you buy US stamps while you're in Canada. How would someone do that?
comment Connection from Gatwick airport to Paddington station
Do you think there's a transporter or teleporter or something? What makes you believe that anything would be faster than a cab? Why is taking a cab the last thing you'd do? Are you concerned it would get stuck in traffic, or is it about the cost?
comment Do I need to apply for a visa to enter to South Korea if I already got Aus visa?
Does that just mean you don't need a visa if you're in transit, or you don't need one to visit? I read it as the former, and the question isn't clear on whether a transit or a visit is planned.
comment US trip planning suggestion
You can best plan your trip by learning about things you can reach from Chicago and then deciding whether to go to them or not. The learning part can be done on this site in the form of small, crisp, focused questions, like how long it takes to get from A to B or whether C can be properly visited in an afternoon. This question is far too broad and open ended to be answerable.
comment Can I bring a skillet with me as a carry-on item?
you can't check the suitcase or you don't have to? I've seen some bags on the luggage belt that could have been carryon, but were checked. In fact, I've done it myself on more than one occasion.
comment Is it safe to visit Nepal now since the trip is non refundable?
Today, yes. But in a month, perhaps not. I'm seeing this with Vanuatu. People are cleaning up or loading and unloading supplies, counting people that sort of thing. Not in the first days and weeks I agree, but perhaps in a month.
comment Wrong card holder entry
comment No-pictures buildings in Japan (shooting from street forbidden by law)
possible duplicate of Taking photos in Japan
comment What makes vaccinations “recommended”? (for Philippines)
Call your family doctor for this advice. They may refer you to a specialized "vaccination clinic" that can recommend and perform the vaccinations. Since such clinics specialize in the subject, they generally give the vest advice. The list you have above is essentially the list the CDC gives for every country in the world, so it's rather information-free. See for example… which differs only in the omission of Typhoid.
comment Meaning of the “Have you ever been refused entry or deported from any country, including Singapore?” question
When you are turned away you need to ask if you are being denied entry. Often when people are not allowed into Canada they are "allowed to withdraw their application" which means they can truthfully say no, they have not been denied. The people who refused your visa can tell you if that constituted denying you entry.
comment US visa from Bangkok, Thailand and wish to visit another country
Canada is not a European country. Not that it's relevant, since I don't any countries that will let you in with a visa for the US, but can you edit so that the body and title don't contradict each other?