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comment Left UK without passing through Immigration, why?
more details on who doesn't have exit stamps (and how large other stamps are) at…
comment What are these “stone walls” in the sea on Cyprus?
"Groynes are structures built across a beach, usually from dry land out into the water, while breakwaters are built parallel to the beach. Both of these structures interrupt the alongshore movement of sand. A groyne acts as a physical barrier across the beach and collects sand on the up drift side, in what is called a fillet. Small groynes are useful for raising beach levels on a small scale. " --…
comment Do you have to tip the delivery guy if you are already charged a delivery fee in Toronto?
Who gets the $8? Purely up to the business. They might not give any of it to the driver, instead paying a flat wage ($11/hr or so) and using the delivery charges to fund that. They might give all of it to the driver. We can't know. My guess is that either they keep most of it or they make the driver use their own car, or both. That's why I tip delivery people.
comment Do ships sink nowadays?
You don't care if ships in general sink. You only care if a ship you're likely to take might sink. There's a world of difference between a cruise ship, a ferry, a private yacht, an oil tanker, a fishing boat, and a container vessel.
comment Taking wet things through airport security
I emailed TSA (using the form on their website) about wet bathing suits and damp towels and they have said that these items are generally allowed.
comment Taking wet things through airport security
edited to clarify that the US is essentially not relevant other than as a model set of rules that other countries' rules are likely to resemble.
comment 7 Hours to Kill in Atatürk
yes. The majority of the questions tagged Istanbul are about this - whether you need transit visas, the links to pages for the free tour Turkish airlines provides, and so on, are all in existing answers. Take a look and if you still have questions after that, please edit this question to be more specific about your concerns.
comment Why is the departures level always above the arrivals level?
Yes, but you could as easily argue that when you emplane you do so from the arrivals section. Whichever one is at the bottom needs to have some part of it that is also at the top. So your logic doesn't hold.
comment Why is the departures level always above the arrivals level?
Both the people who get on the planes and the people who get off the planes go across the jetbridge.
comment What's the cheapest stable route to cross the Pacific?
Don't you want to stop at one or more islands along the way?
comment Is it more convenient to get to Heathrow via Reading than via central London?
when I go to LHR from Portsmouth, I take the train to Woking and then a bus. It's over an hour quicker than going to London and taking the Heathrow Express.
comment Can I bring vaccines (needles) in my carry on?
This can't be generally answered until you edit it to provide the airports involved. Rules are not identical around the world. There is usually a mechanism to allow medical supplies through but what documentation you need is not always the same everywhere. Voting to put on hold for now.
comment Identifing building in Lancaster
how do you know that? Is the picture from a web page? Do you have an address?
comment Interrail Residence checks?
It is similar with BritRail passes: they send the pass to the faraway country where you live, and you show your passport when you activate the pass. A passport isn't proof of residency, but they don't seem to mind. Perhaps if you were constantly buying them, they might want more proof after a while.
comment Why don't airlines offer last minute empty seats cheap?
So I buy my refundable ticket on United and play chicken on American. Or whatever combination exists eg WestJet and AirCanada. People will game.
comment How can I determine if I need an International Driving Permit?
the CAA seems rather focused on Florida and Georgia, as place Canadians drive to I expect, rather than places Canadians might drive in.
comment Amount of rain in July in Nicaragua?
take a look at - if this reopens I will add an answer
comment At *some* border crossings, why do bus passengers have to get off, but not those in cars?
I have to reject your premise. I've crossed the border on a bus without having to leave the bus and I know people are routinely asked to leave their cars at border too, though not all are.
comment Passport validity
Where are you going and what is your citizenship?
comment How can an American get a Maestro Debit Card
are you sure the issue is the brand of your card and not the chip-and-pin aspect of it?