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comment Is it safe to travel by bus in Peru at night?
I went by night from Lima to Huaraz and it was fine. I remember the driver's assistant filmed the travelers on camera and he spent more time on me since I was the only foreigner. The fresh mountain air at arrival, locals gathered around a fire , unforgettable
comment Vaccinations and medicines for Peru and Ecuador
What about none? You won't enjoy such beautiful countries if you think the diseases are running amok. Perhaps in Amazon few precautions should be taken, since it is remote -but I see no problem otherwise. The title is not specific enough-Peru and Ecuadir are big, with jungle, coasts, mountains, islands. I have been to Peru with no medication and "curiously" I survived.
comment Is there any way to spend a night in a European castle?
Indeed, you cannot stay at Bran or Peles. You can try Sighisoara citadel though.
comment Flight/Train combo from Europe to Toronto/Vancouver
more exactly, 3 days and 15 hours
comment Greyhound: How early should I get to the bus station?
you don't say from where to where
comment Should I change most of my money in my home country or in the destination country?
No matter where you change, it's more important into what you change. Inform yourself what currencies are allowed in the visiting country. I was in Lima and couldn't change Canadian dollars, not even at the bank. They only allowed USD or Euro. Also, see this question where someone couldn't change Serbian dinars in Macedonia.