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comment Why is sex/gender present in EU-issued passports?
@DJClayworth : it is helpful as it is valid in over 99% of the cases. One can also change their eye color nowadays (surgery or colored contact lenses), but it happens so rarely that it's still a useful identification method.
comment Are Indians as pushy to one another as they appear to be to Westerners?
This cultural difference in how people answer (or whether they don't) in these situations might have a factor in what kinds of people do behave in a pushy way in the West. It happens rarely, but when it happens, it's usually either a homeless beggar, someone collecting for charity, or conducting a survey. In all these cases we usually answer at least a "sorry", or even excuse ourselves that we don't have the time or money, if we don't intend to deal with them.
comment Can I land in a different time zone before my take off time?
Wrong. There are a number of short-distance flights in Europe which cross a time zone but take less than one hour.
comment Where can I visit former Nazi camps and prisons in Europe?
The House of Terror is mostly about the victims of the communists.
comment Is it wise to pretend to be Christian to safely travel through the US?
@DJClayworth : well this is a good advice for all religions/world-views/ethnicities. If you don't purposefully insult them and their culture, they leave you alone. Maybe with the exception of a civil war or revolt, but in that case you have to really ask yourself the question whether you want to travel there.