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A) I love programming computers.

B) I've packed a lot of living into my life and love to meet interesting people and do interesting things.

C) I generally do not like Stack Overflow (too many copy-pasters, weenies, and rep whores).

comment How does one not get hassled for duties/taxes for items that aren't new but look new?
I am speaking here about everyone's favorite police state: The United States. Please remember that "security" personnel on TV are going to be extra fascist for the camera. I spent many years working in the "security" industry in all forms (including customs). Mostly there are two types of people: The clock-puncher and the jack-booted fascist. You can usually tell the latter by their moustache. I kid, but seriously, with the camera around, I'm sure they were doing things they don't normally do. What we used to look for mostly is jewelry, money instruments (paperwork), and electronics.
comment I stamped my passport before international departure, but I want to cancel now!
This may just be Dubai. I have spent money to deliberately bypass travelling through UAE. This is just my opinion, but it mystifies me why anyone would choose to travel to or through that country. There are people who have been in prison for years in UAE on drug charges because they had a couple of poppy seeds on their clothing. Like poppy seeds from bagels or muffins. I would feel more comfortable flying into Baghdad than Dubai.
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