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comment Visit Northern Ontario from Toronto without a car?
@unforgettableid Thats' news to me The Canadian outside of Northern Ontario and the BC Interior is decently populated. Well for Canada that is.
comment Are there alternatives to the ranger cabins in Algonquin Park?
Well a perfect setup would be to be close to the eastern enterence due to some events going on there that driving four horus too would be a bit of an annoyance. But mainly yes the walls/roof but still able to drive too. Our hiking/canoeing skills are entry level to put it mildly
comment Visit Northern Ontario from Toronto without a car?
Depends on your definition of cheap I suppose.
comment What is the state of train travel in USA?
This isnt' your grandfathers rail network, that's for sure.
comment Are trains stopping between stations to let passengers board/alight just a Canadian thing?
ya the only lines I've heard of this happening are on the Ontario Northland, and the line that goes to Churchill, and for obvious reasons.
comment What neighborhoods or sites should I visit in Montreal?
Good call on the underground city. Great for if you're there on a rainy day, or in -40 weather.