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comment Pricing and booking mixed-class fares, with economy & premium economy combined?
Yes, sometimes ATA can't find a suitable route and puts a little grey exclamation point icon with a popover that says "Preferred cabin is not available on some flights." But that doesn't really help the case where you intentionally want to fly economy on a short flight where premium economy is available.
comment Are carry-on bags being weighed on long-haul flights?
Yes, generally a small backpack is considered the same as a purse, and is not considered a carry-on bag.
comment Is there a way to get to the top of Mount Everest without hiking too far?
Is Everest really hard because of the technical skills required, or because just hiking is incredibly hard in that high an elevation?
comment How do Hostels work in Europe?
One thing I would add about chains: sometimes the hostel in City A can book you into a hostel from the same chain in City B, even though that hostel shows as booked up on the web reservation systems. I did this for Wombats in particular, and some other one that I don't remember. Really saved me.
comment Avoiding the traveller's 'fanny pack' / money-belt
The other historical factor here is that there used to be paper airline tickets, which you could not lose and were worth hundreds of dollars. It was often suggested that you carry them on you at all times, and moneybelts seem to be sized for them rather than currency.
comment Which website to use when choosing local US flights?
Some of them do tweak it a bit to try to cover the airlines that don't use the central reservation systems. For instance, Kayak used to load the Southwest timetable into their system so they could show that the flights existed, but they didn't have pricing or availability.
comment How far in advance to get travel vaccinations?
@Kris, thanks for the additional detail. I wasn't aware the first Hep A shot gave such long protection since I missed my second shot and the doctor advised me that I needed to start over... clearly no urgency on that one!
comment What is the business model of commercial free walking tours?
I assume Sandeman's also must get kickbacks from their mid-tour coffee stop and from ending up the tour at a pub.
comment Is there a famous museum about conspiracies?
There was:
comment How important is it to obtain Swiss Francs before arriving in Switzerland?
One of the benefits of going on a bus tour is that you don't have to worry about this kind of thing. You won't be the first or last to ignore the instructions in the booklet.
comment Taking dried food into another country through customs
Also, in my experience the customs / agriculture folk tend to be fairly indifferent when they realize the only reason you are talking to them is because you were overly literal in your reading of the form. An attitude of "Are you sure that's all you have? Ok, whatever, go ahead."
comment When traveling to a country with a different currency, how should you take your money?
I like to have some kind of safety net, after realizing that I was traveling in foreign countries with exactly one source of cash, my ATM card. So now I make sure to have a bit of US cash, for instance a hundred dollar bill that can be changed at a bank, and a second credit or ATM card that I know the PIN for. It doesn't need good rates since it will only be used in an emergency, and I do not keep it with my primary ATM card.
comment What are the rules surounding alcohol in Morocco
Yes, the only place I saw alcohol sold was at the hotel bars and restaurants, but we didn't go to any supermarkets. I think you would have a tough time finding it anywhere if you stay in the medina.