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I'm an electrical engineering student with a computer science minor at the City College of New York. I do programming work for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, and do a fair amount of hobby-coding for web sites and computer game modifications.

comment Are Indians as pushy to one another as they appear to be to Westerners?
+1 for it not being “Indians” – as a native New Yorker, it sounds like Times Square. That’s just how things are in very crowded tourist traps.
comment Are petrol prices in a USA state the same in every Petrol Station?
The Holland Tunnel thing is easily explained, too: gas prices in New York are massively higher than New Jersey, both because of taxes and because of much higher rent. People going inbound are entering New York, and that $3.34 is the cheapest they’re likely to see for a while. Those on the outbound side are entering New Jersey, and will probably see even-cheaper gas the further they get from a major tunnel.
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