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I'm an electrical engineering student with a computer science minor at the City College of New York. I do programming work for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, and do a fair amount of hobby-coding for web sites and computer game modifications.

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comment Bought economy and was issued first class ticket?
@Ana As an American, the one (round-trip) time I flew with Avianca, they easily surpassed my expectations from American airlines. The food, in particular, was far better than I've ever had on a domestic flight.
comment Where is this picture taken from (in Taiwan)?
He said in the question that he did a reverse image search...
comment Is there a difference between green traffic lights and blinking green traffic lights?
@MrOBrian New York City notably bans right turns on red unless specifically posted, which it is in a few places, plus in at least one location (39th and 1st, if I remember correctly) there is a specifically posted legal left on red for a similar situation. Of course, one-way to one-way is the norm in NYC, but general traffic levels (particularly pedestrian traffic) make rights on red unfeasible.
comment Are Indians as pushy to one another as they appear to be to Westerners?
+1 for it not being “Indians” – as a native New Yorker, it sounds like Times Square. That’s just how things are in very crowded tourist traps.
comment Are petrol prices in a USA state the same in every Petrol Station?
The Holland Tunnel thing is easily explained, too: gas prices in New York are massively higher than New Jersey, both because of taxes and because of much higher rent. People going inbound are entering New York, and that $3.34 is the cheapest they’re likely to see for a while. Those on the outbound side are entering New Jersey, and will probably see even-cheaper gas the further they get from a major tunnel.
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