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I'm a 19 year old university student from the UK who is learning my way around the programming world. Interested in physics, electronics and IT as well. My aim in life to get somewhere in programming or become an astrophysicist, and live into 2100 :D

I've made a few tweaks for jailbroken iOS.

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comment Oyster & Travel Cards
Also you could buy a Zone 1 & 2 travel card and then only use buses for getting to zone 3+
comment Oyster charges for multiple routes between two places
I'm going to be living in Zone 1, so I guess that it won't really make a difference day to day?
comment Where is the safest place in a train?
1) Trains moving in opposite direction collide head on. 2) Moving train collides with stationary train 3) Trains moving in same direction collide head->rear. #1 has more energy that #2, #2 has more energy than #1. Because the relative speed between the trains is greater in #1 than #2 which is greater than #3.
comment When visiting urban areas in Australia, do I need to be worried about deadly insects / animals?
It's worse than the UK, where there are only about 2 explicitly dangerous species (excluding zoos etc)
comment Where is this half buried Armenian church or monastery?
@hippietrail, wording isn't my strong point, once of thought of something I usually find it impossible to reword it. So please edit :)
comment Where is this half buried Armenian church or monastery?
@ankur, I wasn't sure if I should add this, but the stackexchange sites are also for reference for other people I the future (to prevent many nearly identical questions) so this 'answer' can help the OP and any visitor find the answer themselves.
comment OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet?
@Gimamin, you put your hand (you know the thing you do things like eat with) on many door handles (or surfaces) that countless others with goodness knows what bacteria and germs have previously touched, so there are many things you touch that are equally unhygienic, especially as most people don't do it onto the seat but rather through the whole in the middle.
comment OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet?
Why would anyone prefer a squatting toilet, the western one cleans the toilet for you, provides cleaning paper for you and then disposes of it quickly, helps you to squat (i.e. sit), prevents objects from falling out your pockets into the toilet, you don't have to take off your trousers. Maybe normally the squatting toilet is more hygienic, but if someone misses, or you loose you balance it will be unbelievable unhygienic. Literally in everyway a sitting toilet is better. I think I'll have to take a portal with me to such countries...
comment How short notice can you fly to USA?
Really on the government sites they say people from the UK and a list of other countries don't need visas for "pleasure or business" for less than 90 days?