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comment Traveling in Europe Solo - 18 years old. Feasible?
@Johnny I live in London, I thought it was absolutely obvious that I was joking. The British Twitterverse (and other media) was making fun of that guy for a week or so. The subtler point to that comment was that not everything one hears on the news is to be taken seriously, especially if the story makes cultural allegations about a whole continent.
comment Traveling in Europe Solo - 18 years old. Feasible?
@Joe Well, there are of course the muslim no-go zones, like Birmingham...
comment Why do Indian citizens need many visas?
@Poldie Speculation or not, visas are also in place due to illegal immigration, if the risk of a citizen of another country coming to visit and staying illegally were sufficiently low, visa waivers could be considered. For most developing countries the risk is generally considered to be rather high.
comment Where to sleep at Frankfurt airport
Having been there, I found none. At least none where I would feel somewhat confident that my bags would still be there when I wake up.