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comment Can I travel to Macedonia or Ukraine with a valid Russian visa?
You should also probably clear up why your title refers to Macedonia (which was never part of the USSR).
comment How fast can one expect to travel in an ocean-going sailboat?
@Geeo: No, "this question cannot be answered simply" is an answer, not a comment.
comment Can I bring empty bullet shell casings (spent ammo) in checked luggage on an international flight?
This may apply in the USA, but definitely not in Western Europe (not sure about Eastern).
comment Identifing building in Lancaster
@NateEldredge: It certainly doesn't, and those that do rarely have old mills on them. Unfortunately double yellow lines are invariably at the edge of the road,so this must be an ordinary street with a deceptive camera angle.
comment Eating alone in London
I think you get served quickly because the staff may want the table available;eating alone means the bill will not be large, and nether will the tip. Whether this is good or bad depends on you.
comment How do customs and immigration work in a sailboat?
@BurhanKhalid: A ship in international waters cannot be 'required' to have a radio, much less to speak the necessary language. Nor can any government unable to control the weather decree where a sailing boat is permitted to reach land (much to the annoyance of legislators). What has been universally agreed since the nineteenth century is that any ship going overseas must have a certificate that it carries no infectious diseases, and co-operate with Customs. The way you do this is to fly a yellow flag (signifying Q for quarantine in International Code) when you reach national waters.
comment Can I cross the U.S. Canadian border multiple times on tourist visa?
Sorry, is this question really "Is someone with a multiple -entry visa allowed to enter the country multiple times on that visa?"
comment Do any States in the US give traffic tickets for 5 mph above the speed limit?
The important question is whether (all) the traffic cops share this 'wide understanding'.
comment How far can you realistically travel across potentially rough water in an inflatable dinghy?
+1 for the last paragraph. It isn't what OP asked, but it's exactly what he needs to consider.
comment Must drivers stop at zebra crossings / crosswalks in Michigan?
@STTLCU: "In Milan, a stop light is an order. In Rome, it is a suggestion. In Naples, it is a decoration."
comment US employer suggests two 90 day contract periods instead of work visa. Is this okay?
@MarkMayo: Clueless lawyers who give advice are by definition dodgy (the phrase wilful carelessness comes to mind from court reports).
comment Who pays for the return ticket when a country refuses entry?
@happybuddha Don't follow your question. If you are denied entry for any reason the airline has to take you back rather than leaving you unable to stay, unable to go on and unable to go back. Airlines try to minimise the chances of this, but the final decision is not theirs.
comment Who pays for the return ticket when a country refuses entry?
@gerrit: There are no conventions covering bus/train, as there is no need; you disembark at the border, and can use a return ticket, walk back, or stay there as you wish. Ferries are IIRC not strictly liable, but if you aren't allowed in they will perforce have to take you back, and argue about the fare later.
comment Legal documents and formalities required to sail far out to sea/ocean?
@Annoyed: this is a travel website. Certainly regimes such as North Korea will physically stop you from leaving; whether they have the right to do so is a philosophical question. (It's also not technically the same question as whether they will stop you travelling to international waters.)
comment What should I expect when I stay in a hotel?
All hotels should have a safe for valuables; often this is in the manager's office, and only accessible through the reception clerk. That makes it too much trouble for most of us, but OP may wish to keep his passport secure, for example.
comment What to do if you're being abused by a Low Cost company?
This is somewhat naive. Low-cost airlines frequently 'announce' that they will impose a fee, or refuse compensation, when the law doesn't allow them to (‌​sation-ash-victim-passengers.html); they will continue to get away with it till somebody challenges them.
comment Declaring illegal substances at customs - what would happen?
No, airports have an international zone (, and unless/until you actually attempt to leave that zone and enter the US, the government has no jurisdiction over you. Similarly, possession of drugs in your own boat in US territorial waters is no crime unless you had them in,or intended to import them to, the US. It could be argued that the US government doesn't always respect international law, (there is evidence both ways): but the law itself is clear.
comment Declaring illegal substances at customs - what would happen?
Not sure you've fully taken OPs point. The US police can't arrest you for possession of drugs in this case because, by definition, it was taken off you before you entered their jurisdiction. Deportation is certainly the most likely outcome (and your most serious problem), but it is none of the US authorities' business (in all senses) where you got the stuff.
comment How do customs and immigration work in a sailboat?
A yacht's very different from a kayak or backpacker: you've got an 'address', and you are unlikely to vanish into the crowd.
comment One way refund of round trip flight due to flight cancellation
You could even sue them, or at least threaten to. Theoretically, the court would then decide how much compensation is due, and direct where in the queue of creditors you stand. Practically (and particularly since it sounds as if OP isn't even in India), best to forget it.