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I work at Microsoft. I generally use a Mac. I generally write in Java. Some of my code is open sourced. Indeed, it is a strange new world.

I work on the Team Foundation Server team, developing cross-platform tools for developers to target Microsoft platforms, including:

Team Explorer Everywhere
A set of development tools for Team Foundation Server, including a cross-platform command-line client, a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE, and a Java API for accessing TFS.

A tool to create local git repositories based on TFS server data.

Random other things to make version control tools better on the Microsoft platform.

comment Is there a ZIP code I can enter when paying-at-the-pump in the USA with a foreign credit card?
@NateEldredge: Although I'm American and can't test this, this makes sense. Software implementing AVS (the mechanism of credit card verification that verifies addresses) is expected to send only the numeric parts of the address and/or zip code. (Eg, if your billing address is "42 Anystreet Ln", your address is only verified as "42".)