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Works as an engineer at the Norwegian Environment Agency. GIS analysis, gis servers, some python knowledge, standardization issues and more. Also experience from national level GIS projects in Uganda, Ghana, Zambia, Timor Leste and Tanzania. I have also done some travelling in Chile.

Travel experience is from most of the above mentioned countries. Does the odd tripadvisor reviews.

comment Can i go to Terminal 2 from terminal 1 in dubai international airport
Welcome! :-) With "go to terminal 2" do you mean "walk"? I suggest you elaborate on this a bit. Makes it easier to answer.
comment Rooftop restaurant in Santiago, Chile
As a traveller I am often looking for such restaurants. I like to get a view of the towns I am visiting. And just too often I get stuck on street level. Such places are surprisingly scarce. The area is really not an issue, since a high rise with a view anywhere would be ok for me. Should I still edit?
comment Friendly backpacker place on Lake Victoria?
We, me and my wife, are also considering going to Jinja. Your suggestions are therefore relevant. Eden Rock sounds like a nice place.
comment Khartoum to Juba over land?
Agree. It's a fair amount of guesswork. Still I think the link I dug up to discussions on Lonely planet site could be useful.