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comment What age do I have to be to visit New York City's Times Square Ball Drop?
2pm would probably put you entering there around 47th to 49th Streets at 8th Avenue (if you don't know NYC geography, look on a map). Depending where you're staying you may have to circle around Times Square to get there as the area from 39th up to 59th/Central Park South and 5th Avenue over to 8th Avenue will be closed, including subway station exits in that area. Hope you have a great time! And if you see a short guy in a green coat with a big camera taking photos of crowds, smile, it could be me...
comment How can I effectively haggle for a decently-priced auto ride?
I lived in Pune, India for ten years and never once heard the term "tuk tuk". Usually "autos" and "ricks" or "six seater" for the six seat ones traveling fixed, hop-on, hop-off routes.