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comment Are Indians as pushy to one another as they appear to be to Westerners?
Imagine: you're standing in a line/queue for something. Someone approaches you and says "excuse me" as though he is just passing through. You make space for him to pass through, and he promptly occupies the space in front of you in the queue. You tell him that he just cut in line, and he gets indignant and starts accusing you of trying to cut in front of him. Only in India.
comment Are Indians as pushy to one another as they appear to be to Westerners?
@prash I appreciate your perspective! The biggest problem that I've had with acknowledging them and saying "no" is that it is so often taken as an invitation to follow me and try to change my mind. That almost never happens when I don't engage at all. There may be a happy medium of polite indifference that I have not yet perfected. The biggest problem that Westerners have, early on, is that so much of what we do automatically -- accepting handshakes from friendly strangers, declining offers with polite explanations, making space when someone says "excuse me" -- must be unlearned.
comment Where should I travel to see this building?
The Boeing factory here in Everett, WA, USA, a privately owned factory that produces airliners, isn't a "civilian" building? That strikes me as strange.
comment Tipping in Poland: saying “thank you” when the waiter collects your money
Makes sense. Here in the USA, if I hand cash to a taxi driver and am expecting him to keep the change, "thank you" is precisely the language that I use. Timing is everything.