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comment Can you visit the Lille Citadelle?
I visited Lille last weekend (Feb. 2014) and I can confirm that as a visitor, you can only visit the ramparts. This was also confirmed by an employee of the parking nearby. Like one of the comments stated, the Citadelle itself is in active use by the military (Rapid Reaction Corps HQ). I witnessed several vehicles entering, and I believe the drivers were wearing uniforms.
comment Can I get in trouble if, at customs, the police finds media files that I can't prove are mine?
You have the option to create hidden volumes within an encrypted volume. That way, you can hand over the key, but still not reveal everything (at once).
comment How do I find out how to say “I speak Dutch?” in Netherlands?
BTW: This is also correct in Belgium (where the Northern part, Flanders, speaks Dutch - although the spoken language sounds different).