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Software engineer and mountain climber from the Rocky Mountains. And a girl.

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comment Can I carry a ceramic knife in the cabin baggage?
January 2000 I bought a broad sword in Spain and tried to put it in checked luggage on the return to the US. They made me take it as a carry on and refused to let me take it as checked luggage.
comment When traveling outside scandinavia while being intolerant to lactose, how can I still enjoy a latte?
To everyone who mentions coffee shops like Starbucks -- when you order a drink with soy milk, you should tell the barista that you're lactose intolerant. If you don't, you may run the risk of cross-contamination. My sister is lactose intolerant, and when visiting Starbucks she's found that they will reuse the rag they use to wipe down the milk steamer when wiping down the steamer for soy milk. But when she tells them that she's lactose intolerant, the barristas tend to be extra-careful and more aware about sources of cross-contamination.
comment Why are airline passengers asked to lift up window shades during takeoff and landing?
I suspect that it's highly airline and region specific. I don't recall having been asked to open the window shades in any of my (many) flights in the past few years.
comment What should you do if you're really broke in a country where tipping is customary?
I gave you +1 even though PBRs do not count as "decent" beer in my book. If I wanted water, I'd go to a water fountain and get it free. ;) I do think the analogy you presented -- in a country that didn't require tips, you wouldn't underpay -- was especially good.
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