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Functional analyst, working in Belgium. Happy to help, happy to learn.

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If I edited your post and didn't state why, feel free to ask. But it's probably these:

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comment How can I reliably make myself a cup of coffee in my hotel room that doesn't suck?
Careful: most coffee makers warn against filling the water reservoir with hot water. It was not constructed for this.
comment Is it easier to unlock my phone and have it activated with a local provider in another country or to buy a local pay and talk phone?
In many European countries you can just buy a phone for 25 EUR, with the battery precharged and 25 EUR credit on the prepaid card included. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bic_Phone
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comment Saving leftovers from restaurants in Paris
28-year old Belgian here - last week was the first time in my life I ever asked for a "doggy bag", and only because I'd seen it on TV and thought I'd try it once. The waiter was real friendly and went out of their way to accommodate me, but one could easily see they were not used to doing so very often - they didn't have any special boxes or bags. Still, asking after you finished can never hurt - and if they do, a tip (or atleast dessert+coffee) is appropriate. If they don't, well, ask for the bill, pay it and don't tip. Tipping is not expected in Belgium
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revised Things to keep in mind when going to the Amazon rain forest
Jungle Grammar
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