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My name is Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe. I am Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00007, which is just a confusing way of saying that I work as a developer for Stack Exchange.

I am @balpha on Twitter. My blog's "about" page explains the origin of my user name.

I am the creator of Unicornify, the service that gives you these lovable creatures:

I also created Lyfe, a small library adding yield-based generators to JavaScript, and Not a Real Question, a little game that's played with data from various Stack Exchange sites.

I sometimes have a strange sense of humor, but I also like to explain things I fix, break, care about, or come up with.

comment How to use sink with separate hot/cold taps?
I was reminded of this question when I saw Tom Scott's video explaining why this is so common in Britain.
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comment How to use sink with separate hot/cold taps?
@JoelFan: "tolerate inconvenience" -- are you kidding me? Has it ever crossed your mind that people may not even find it inconvenient? I live in a country where both kinds of sinks are very common, and I don't find either one any more incovenient than the other.
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