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comment How to spot fake reviews on TripAdvisor?
This is exactly what I do as well, not just with tripadvisor reviews, but with more or less all reviews on Amazon as well. The reviews with two stars are usually the best for me, they are quite critical but probably not fake. If they complain about stuff that I don't care about (and there are some good reviews as well), then I will probably like the thing.
comment What kind of ID does the US accept when visiting bars or drinking age events?
In San Francisco/the Bay Area, I've only been denied once when showing my Swedish driver's license. All other pubs, wineries and liquor shops have accepted it. Probably varies a lot though, and San Francisco has lots of internationals coming and going so bouncers are probably used to non-US IDs.
comment Can a tourist buy a gun in the USA?
+1 for giving a differing answer.