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comment Is there any good place to visit between Paddington Station and Grosvenor Square, for a 5-year-old boy?
@Oululainen: OP has answered below:
comment Unable to upload my photo while applying for an Indian e-Visa. What am I doing wrong?
Try Internet Explorer. I remember having problems a while ago with an Indian visa Web site in Chrome (though I’m not sure it was specifically to do with uploading the photo) but it worked in IE.
comment Which European cities are connected by convenient night boat?
Similarly there’s the Hull–Rotterdam overnight ferry.
comment Can I get a cheaper one-way flight by booking and cancelling a flexible return leg for a refund?
@Doc: Exactly right: it’s in the fare conditions. While the return leg is listed as permitting cancellation for a refund, there’s a note: “In case of cancellation after departure, refund the fare paid less the applicable normal class fare for the sector travelled.” What’s still not clear, if I booked the £100 “saver” tariff outbound and the £200 “flexible” tariff return, is whether they’d bill me for the remaining £100 of the “normal” [single] tariff. Or simply refuse to fly me again. On this occasion I don’t think it’s worth the risk trying to find out...
comment Can I bring protein powder and health bars into the UK from the US?
comment Can you do the annual required technical control in another EU country than your own when doing a road trip in Europe?
I’m sure any motor vehicle test centre in any country will be more than happy to take your money to perform the test according to that country’s rules. But I doubt your own country would recognise a foreign test certificate. Your safest bet may be to get the car tested just before you leave (even if the test isn’t due for a while), and make sure you return within a year. That way you won’t have to worry about it expiring while you’re away (which might also affect your insurance).
comment Benefits of checking in online when checking bags
I wonder whether it could also be possible that the later you check in, the more likely you are to be upgraded? By the time the 125th passenger tries to check in, the 124 seats have been allocated and had their boarding passes issued – so surely it’s easier to upgrade passenger 125 than to try to find passenger 1 and give her/him a new boarding pass? The only time I’ve ever been upgraded was when I got to the airport quite late without having checked in online.
comment What to do when you can't print your boarding pass?
Not all airlines’ self-service machines will allow you to reprint a boarding pass if you’ve already checked in online, so you might have to join the ordinary check-in queue. (I encountered this problem with Germanwings at CGN last year.)
comment Can I get a cheaper one-way flight by booking and cancelling a flexible return leg for a refund?
Similar: Price-hacking a one-way flight?
comment Can I get a cheaper one-way flight by booking and cancelling a flexible return leg for a refund?
@MastaBaba: Indeed they can’t force me on to an aeroplane to make the return journey, but I wonder whether they could bill me for the remainder of the price of the single fare if they saw what I was trying to do. For example Eurotunnel, who also charge less for a (short stay) round trip than a standard single, explicitly say that if you do what I’m asking about here then you’ll be liable to pay the difference.