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I am a young outdoor professional from Colorado. I have had the privilege of growing up with a father who loves the outdoors and taught me what he knew. I have worked as a guide, educator, and leader for the past 7 years, and received my B.A. in Adventure Education from Fort Lewis College. I love many outdoor sports, but my focus areas are rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, and skiing. I'm still learning a lot, so I'm happy to be part of an open community like this one. Thanks for reading!

comment How can I get great views of the Bugaboos (Canada) in April?
Thanks for the answer. I emailed BC Parks and their response was,"The upper access road will be snow covered until late May at the earliest and only accessible by snowmobile or by skiing in. It is common for large piles of avalanche debris consisting of a mixture of snow, rock, and logs to block the access road until early to mid-June." So it seems that beyond skiing, a gondola ride or helicopter is the only choice.