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comment How to avoid suspicious looks when you are in the Western side of the world
I assume #4 is a way to defer / submit to the custom official's authority and show you're not challenging them. I do the same thing when I get pulled over by a cop and cross my hands on the steering wheel. You don't do it because you're weak, you're just choosing to avoid any pointless confrontation.
comment US to Asia via Europe with infants
@Karlson I reread my original post and agree with your point. I clarified it to better represent my intent.
comment US to Asia via Europe with infants
1) Simply yes. It's not patriotic and I was both surprised and disappointed when I concluded that but based on 5 years of experience and multiple airlines on the transatlantic route, that's been my definitive personal experience. 2) DVD for a 1 year old is not an everyday solution but I feel is OK for a long airplane flight. It won't be the only thing but it has been part of our toolkit. 3) Agreed, but many people (in my experience non parents) don't understand that kids are simply illogical or who's logical paradigm doesn't match that of a fully developed brain and air travel amplifies that.