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Canadian Software engineer.
I am mostly interested about web and phone apps, but like all kind of programming and self teaching in general.

I am a dedicated gym person. Working out is the best thing you can do to your health and body... and Learning/self teaching is the best thing you can do to your brain.

Helping others is an eminent skill, so all respect for the SO team!

Founder/Developer of Ease My Day.
LinkedIn: Chadi Cortbaoui

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comment Which countries are “Muslim countries”?
i know my answer is kinda late, but just as i see that lebanon is being considered a muslim country? how come? i am lebanese and a christian, we are 50% christians 50% muslims. Lebanon is a republic and democratic , no sharia law, and alchool is sold at every single city.<br> In brief, lebanon and syria are the only two nations in the middle east that are secular,republics (although christians in syria are fewer than lebanon in proportion).